It’s not a new year it’s a new me

Take the first stone who did not say happy new year, now this is nothing more than a simple breath.

We should be grateful that at least we can breathe calmly because many don’t, many also don’t really get a new year.

Instead of wishing a happy new year tell yourself a happy new me and then the miracle exists, because it’s not about the year but about ourselves and the new beginning and path we can have.

Let’s take a great example from the movie yes sir, played by Jim Carrey where he discovers a new he who says yes to everything, with that his life changes completely. This movie may have all or nothing to do with napoleon hill’s philosophy shown in the book smarter than the devil you will only understand if you have read the book. If you manage to read the book and put the teachings into practice, you will realize that this is not a happy new year, but a happy new me.

We know people are hard being bad in every way possible and even you and I are subject to that. Good to know how to get along with these situations.

Life is made of connections.

My New Year’s Gift to You, go to the mirror and a happy new self and be a bully and idiot to accomplish all your goals and targets. Believe me and use your memory.

  • Answer me how many people who left and stayed in your life?
  • Were you sad that they were part of your life?

Has your life changed anything with that? Did you achieve the success you wanted?

A happy new me, for you and me. I am very grateful for this new me and to be able to write another article for its development. The first thing I did today on the first day of the year 2022 was write this article.

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