From new to old gratitude

This is a post for me of happy new year that looks more like the special of George over in his 1984 but with a small change in the numbers that is from 2021 to 2022.

This would be just another year that I pass faster than the flesh betting a race with mercury in exchange for the peace of the universe.

If we research deeply, not even in comic book fantasies that peace was reached, what we know is that we can only achieve this magic peace in ourselves.

What can I say from what I have gained by living and studying that this peace is more precious than anything in life.

This year has made me see what I really want in my life which is to be a marketing authority and much more than I can think of.

“It’s much more than I think”

I’m so grateful to know this, I’m so grateful for my family, I’m so grateful for my millionaire and blessed mind, I’m so grateful to have my father God and my brother Jesus as partners, I’m so grateful for all the good and bad that happened in my life because that’s what makes this man that I am today.

I am so grateful that these are the best years of my life as well as other years. Extremely grateful for being me.


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