011010001 reasons to become a program

I could write a book of the infinite benefits of becoming a programmer, but I prefer to finish this post soon to go back to creating my codes.

If you like logic and typing and exposing your creativity then programming might be the right place for you as it was for me.

Anyone in the world can become a programmer and have these advantages in their lives no matter if you are 5 or 90 years old, if you have internet signal and some device to use you can learn. Let’s get to the reasons.

It’s not just the high salaries, and the versatility of working wherever you want when you become a programmer you feel like a demigod with the power to create anything your brain imagines.

1 You will go back to doing what you loved most as a child

All of us as children loved to imagine and draw what our creativity gave us on paper, if you miss that time as a child you will love to know that work as a programmer makes you go back in time.

It’s worth remembering that our future is increasingly full of artificial intelligence technologies, so how do you stand out from this unequal competition? If you thought of your creativity as a secret weapon, that’s right.

However, programming requires a bit of logical knowledge and patience, as you will need to look for errors in your code, which is crucial in this profession.

Programmers must be masters of problem solving and thinking outside the box may seem like a bad thing at first, but you will develop critical thinking skills and strategy that have served both your personal and professional life.

I will add here that programming makes you smarter and smarter, as it sharpens your mental reasoning, strengthening the logical and creative part.

2 You will be the lucky elf

Everyone wants a lucky elf especially the job market which lately is changing very fast which can bring a tide of luck or bad luck for employers, I as an employer can say that I love lucky elves and even am one. The prediction for the future is much more than good for us programmers can believe.

What I mean by lucky elf is that a programmer and a magical lucky elf with it he is never without a job and even without making a lot of effort sweating his shirt he earns the highest wages and bonuses.

Lucky elves’ powers range from creating websites, platforms, applications, automating work, solving problems to identifying bad projects and finding out what a competitor is doing just by reading their code.

It’s good to speak for the crazy fact that this magical world is growing rapidly technologically the security of always having a guaranteed job, regardless of whether or not you have a degree know that no one cares you will get your job as a programmer anyway.

Universities can cry, because this is the truth, show your value to the market and the market will show you opportunities and riches.

3 A barrel full of gold coins

I’m sure you’ve already researched a programmer’s renumber and you’ve seen that it’s quite high and can reach over 140,000 dollars depending on it. The right thing here is to say that if you are a good programmer, in addition to working for a company, you will have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur creating or selling websites and much more.

It’s nice to say that you can change companies easily if you wish, because, as I said before, this is a profession with a huge demand.

4 Break down your borders

In addition to all these advantages, there is another one that I particularly like is the interaction with other programmers. It may seem strange, as you must be thinking that programming is a lonely job. However, this is not how things are going, especially if you want to develop and be increasingly successful in this new venture.

The programming makes you create new interactions with people from all corners of the world and cultures, something that is extremely useful for your entire life. Not to mention that you will remain more up to date and wiser.

Let me explain better, I’m not saying that you are obligated to interact with other programmers, but saying that it is an advantage, because groups of programmers are very exclusive and full of advantages and riches.

Bonus: If you love Discovery Chanel, reading and watching random videos about random knowledge on the internet, this is a good one for you, as there will always appear works from the most varied things in the world, which will give you more knowledge from different areas of life and life. world and a pleasure is not it?

There is even the crazy advantage of changing the world and being part of history, because just thinking about everything you have in your hands, the power to create apps and much more, create things to improve our world and you can be sure that you will be very good. rewarding.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa
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