Best Programming Courses to Take and Not to Be Sponge Bob

Choosing a course is a very difficult task, because you, like me, will have to invest a lot of money, time and energy to develop, yes, I know, and something very boring. Today we at HOW15 will make your life easier, because even I Bruno will want to improve my skills.

In this article I will list some courses that I would take or will take, yes I will only tell you about good courses, because I myself do not want to invest my time in the wrong and wrong way.

If you are starting at absolute zero this is the right place, as I will also choose the best course so that you can start from scratch. Remembering what follows is one of the skills for the world of today and the future.

1 Python Bootcamp Complete: Go From Zero to Hero in Python

This is a course that more than 1 million people have chosen to take and it looks that it only focuses on the Python language, a language that becomes number 1 for being easy to learn and suitable for almost any category of project.

You will learn to use python from scratch to pro, you will understand comprehensive ones, you will learn to create GUIs on the Jupyter Notebook system and many other things. The course price is 33 bucks something relatively cheap.

2 complete Java master lessons

I don’t need to say how famous java is, since I was a child I used the cell phone I took from my mother as a child and used java not to program, of course, but to play games that had its language in the middle. Learn to program with java and open wardrobe and discover a world much bigger than Narnia of possibilities.

Master Class java has over 633,807 students and a score of 4.6 out of 5 which makes it a best seller. This course is more focused on those who want to get a job in this area or just create software the course will teach you the updated java version so you don’t need to worry too much about it.

What you can create with java ranges from mobile apps, games, cloud apps to web apps and more. The price of this course is also 33 dollars.

3 A Bootcamp Web Developer (This Course Interests Me)

This course has more than 739,000 students and has a more than good rating of 4.7 out of 5, its price and 39 bucks. In addition to javascript you will learn HTML5 and CC3 extremely useful things if you think about creating websites believe me you will be lost in the amount of things you can learn with this course.

Everyone wants a website yes, almost everyone at least most of this is no longer limited to just companies, will be very common in the future sites of every imaginable type and do you know what skill this demand requires? If you inherited a web developer you are right.

If you want to learn java script as an alternative to programming and to follow that choice you knew for those looking to create websites this is the right course for you more than that you will learn how complex parts about java will make your life much easier.

What goes hand in hand with web development and programming and it’s no use just knowing more not knowing how a professional in the field thinks to create the best existing sites. It is noteworthy that this course has as instructor Colt Steele a successful programmer. After hours of research I realized that this is the best option for me, as I want to create a website and many websites on the internet put this course as a better option.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa
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