Languages ​​worth investing

1 Mandarin a language that has hundreds of years of existence and is worth studying as much for its culture as the authority it can bring you and Mandarin. Because studying is simple, we already see that china is going to pass the piss of the United States and that it is the second language with the most falsetto in the world.

Uncle Zuck already has a lot of Chinese, so it’s more than enough reason because you’re certainly more like Zuck than like Uncle Joca from the bakery who only speaks Portuguese

2 Spanish is considered by many to be the easiest language to learn to speak and also the third most spoken language in the world, with the recurrent growth of its economy, which is already very rich in Spanish and one of the useful languages ​​to learn.

3 German the why and that it is still widely used and has over 100 million speakers, we can also highlight its economy and culture, which are beautiful things to see

4 Frances, the Frenchman is much more valuable than you can imagine because learning it goes far beyond being a beautiful country to visit. As we know Africa is growing a lot and if you like new rich frontiers, French will be a great 1000 bolas note for your life

5 Arabic, however, is not an easy language to learn, its economy is growing a lot so it opens business doors for us mere mortals. Let’s be simple and honest africa and saudi arabia have been neglected for many years and today a country that has risen in poverty and knows how money can work miracles this economy i believe more than ever that it will grow much more than the simple expectations we create in our brains this is as good as for Arab, French and Mandarin

6 Russian. On the internet, Russian content is just short of English in a matter of quantity, it is not very well taught so there are more opportunities for you to stand out, I don’t need to point out that Russia is a country that is surprising us more and more. The space race has become the tech race where Russia still has its reputation for being extremely useful.

7 Japanese for being a big economy a waddle child who likes to discover and innovate technology example giant examples of technology that are not the apple came from Japan in its vast majority and have more than 125 million speakers.

With all this intensive study I’ve done, in my opinion, they remember that I’m more of a person focused on opportunities the scoreboard and this one of the best, if you don’t like it, feel free to question me whenever you want.

  1. first place mandarin
  2. second place arab
  3. French third place
  4. fourth place spanish
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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa

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