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I’ve done this article once but my lenovo notebook ended up deleting or not saving it, this article is based on my own opinion of what would be the best platform to take an online course the following criteria I will adopt to choose will be followers on the networks Believe it or not social media is extremely useful, your students’ pass rate, your platform’s most intuitive and user-friendly platform, faculty, authority, and company capital.

I’ll advance things and say that LinkedIn was the one that pleased me the most, but it may be different for you.


Skillshare is a platform where it has a very nice community for many students its main objective and turns a difficult learning into something easy and fun to learn. The platform has many super cool courses and professors who earn almost more than $100,000 a year teaching on the platform.

The platform has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and a little more than 99,000 on twitter and more than 2 million followers on Facebook. Most of their online courses have traditional lectures online, as well as supplemental resources such as lectures, worksheets, and even interactive online learning communities.

skillshare offers mobile app that makes your life easier when for android and ios, but they don’t give certificates anymore influence you to make a student plan to prove your skills things i didn’t like it has a revenue of about 90 million dollars. The monthly subscription is free to try for one month. After testing, the monthly subscription is $32 per month or $168 annually.

2)LinkedIn Learning

I’m fully convinced that I don’t need to talk much about linkedin because I think you already know this social network and if you don’t, I bring bad news that you are too late in time. The platform has more than 16 thousand courses, limited access, expert professors and compatibility for cell phones and computers.

The platform gives you a certificate, a free month of subscription and cancellation whenever you want, and great versatility that lets you choose your best times to learn. Linkedin leaning has a gigantic authority for being associated with the favorite social network in the business world called linkdin I also think that I don’t need to say that a platform more than billionaire that just grows.

In my humble opinion, I highly recommend the use of this platform both to take courses and to promote yourself as well. As linkedin leaning can improve the engagement of government and business employees, in addition, they can provide further education and help applicants find jobs after graduation.

The cost of linkdin learning per month is $29.99 which I don’t think is very expensive even though I’m Brazilian and earning in real which is extremely undervalued, the annual subscription makes things a little cheaper, making the monthly fee $19.99 per month , those who already have linkedin premium already receive access to linkedin learning automatically.

In my opinion linkdin learning is great especially if you are an active linkdin user, even myself i think i will start using this platform. The platform releases 50 new courses per week and offers free content to help you build skills on demand.

3) Coursera

A global platform founded in 2012 by Andrew and Daphne based in California cousera offers several courses with certificates, it focuses more on offering video courses. One positive point is that they have partnerships with more than 200 universities and leading companies in the market, which guarantees us good authority, in addition, they all have more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, they also count with more than 1 million followers on linkedin that something that surprises me. On their website they say that there are courses you can take in one day, something that makes me very curious and surprised.

Now we go to a platform that almost everyone knows about edx, famous for having courses from several universities of great authority such as harvard and satanford, this is a platform that, without a shadow of a doubt, is very worthwhile.

One downside of edx is that they almost or do not offer free courses, or in other words you can acquire knowledge of the course but you will not receive a certificate, it will practically be as if you were watching YouTube, but the only difference is what authority on that that is being taught and guaranteed.

I’ll skip all that nonsense and say right away that edx in my opinion is very worthwhile, especially for you who already have capital to invest in a good course, authority and credentials are something that are guaranteed.

5) Udemy

Udemy is nothing more than a major provider of online courses that is in the heart of thousands of concurred addicts to learning I don’t see very well the difference between it and other platforms, their courses can be downloaded to watch later what gives you great versatility. One good thing about udemy is that it allows your students to view classes offline and listen to lectures on the go in the app’s podcast mode


udemy has free courses, but as we know, everything good comes at a price, but as the teacher’s favorite student you don’t need to pay that much to have quality teaching, udemy’s prices range from U$159.99 or more.

Note udemy does not offer accredited certification degrees which is a big downside, but as napoleon hill said a defeat comes with a victory With this you don’t have to worry about your money, as udemy offers a legal refund policy of up to 30 days.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa

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