No macbook influence is it worth it?

The reason for this and I’m thinking of purchasing a new machine for my work and if a macbook would be better than a notebook, if not posting is for those who want to save because I will only take into account the productivity that I can achieve with such a notebook. I’ll advance things here, many experts are saying that the macbook m1 from apple is the best cost-benefit and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get one. I’m not going to talk about the history or the fame of the apple, but what it really is worth if a mac can be more productive than a not.

1) Couperation

Apple allows you to connect your apples devices easily which gives you better control and ease when sending data which can be quite complicated with a conventional notebook if you’ve tried you know what I’m saying imagine using airdrop to send some file from your cell phone to the notebook without any cuts in quality and without a headache with cables seems like a dream. You can share your block, gallery and much more using a macbook if you work using mobile or notebook this can be very useful.

2 More well-being and comfort

Have you ever seen someone complaining that their macbook is heavy or is it crashing a lot? This can happen but let’s take into account that compared to other devices this is much more so a macbook and much more ergonomic and satisfying than many other notebooks today.

In other words, macbook is a notebook for those looking to work and have more comfort and authority, a notebook is for those looking to save money even if they need to suffer the consequences.

Some professionals even put up to 128gb of ram in their macbooks something rare to see someone doing with notebooks, apple macbooks also start faster than believe it or not makes you very happy if you are a workaholic like me. It is worth noting that now the macbook has almost 30 hours of battery life, which is something magical, as buying an agr mac is much better than before, as it greatly rewards your patience when choosing a recent macbook model.

I don’t even need to say macbooks are lighter and better looking than most notebooks because that’s obvious even though I’m not an apple fan I have to admit it, it’s nicer for you to arrive at a meeting with a macbook with a simple yet modern designer than with a notebook gamer with an aggressive designer that kids love.

3 Virus goes into depression

Unlike normal notebooks the Mac does not need antivirus to work in other words macbook is extremely safe against viruses than normal notebooks. The only possibility of happening is you keep clicking on dangerous links out there, but with a few tips you can easily avoid this. If you choose a mac according to many authorities you also choose security.

Complementing TimeMachine you can save all your data by downloading one app at a time and in case of loss you can download the last saved version, a bad thing is that the inability to use a card reader or a USB port on a Macbook air to back up to hard drive but it is possible on macbook pro.

4 Keyboard shortcuts

This is something that makes me very happy because it saves a lot of time when typing and increases productivity when going to work If you already like your notebook shortcuts you will love the Mac and if you already use an iphone you know how keyboard shortcuts are an invention of the gods this is not just me saying if you ask anyone extremely proactive they should use keyboard shortcuts i have heard this in millionaires speeches and experience to say that it is very useful indeed.

5 Intuitive Apps

If you use iphone you know how apple apps are super good and intuitive to use and something that seems to be relevant more when you like appearance and comfort is something very good.

Check it out: That story for children I slept that windows is better than mac is over, you can have a macbook and install windows without objections. You know the Dell XPS 13 that beautiful powerful notebook from Dell that the main system is windows, the macbook air with its simple M1 chip already manages to come face to face with it and sometimes even surpass your system so that’s just an attractive proposition.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa