To appear is more important than to be. Know or Lose This Power of Body Language

First if you are somewhere use the trick of the politicians to appear leader to enter on the left side why that because we read like this we take 4 seconds to form an impression and this is the best way to make an arrival, so we are looked at better. The bridge to the audience to look friendlier. Another thing to have a good memory is to uncross your arms and have open postures.

A leader and guide protects, shiny and flexible. Think words convey ideas, our movements convey feelings and if not, or see a combination of the two ways, communication will not be great.

Body language is something super important, it’s no use having the best words if your posture is terrible. We communicate with words, tone of voice and body language remember this.

Words are worth 7% in a face-to-face interaction, and people weigh they are worth much more for that reason many people fail to communicate, now you see the importance of body language it can bring you more confidence and more exponential communication. You can see this in a rule that 20% of our actions generate 80% of our results, that is, if you use this you will be able to optimize the leadership in your life to gain more credibility, show self-esteem and security, it will be much easier for you get what you want out of life.

You don’t need to be an expert in body language, you just need to know 20% of the most important things to already know a person’s intentions or at least 80% to already analyze that person.

Super power of anticipation when we analyze the answer, we already have to act on the person and with body language you can already do that to know if they are happy, if they are accepting the idea, if they are comfortable and in agreement, or if they will question and challenge their leadership.

1) Eye contact, the eye contact of a leader has to be sympathetic, empathetic and confident, they often say that the lack of eye contact is associated with lying but it is false because this lack is associated with a lack of self-esteem and confidence. The contact of a leader must be rule 7 and 1, looks 7 seconds and turns the chin, the way you usually walk and the way perceived in the day by other people, get used to walking with the chin in the horizontal way. Frequently looking away or avoiding eye contact can indicate that the person is uncomfortable, trying to hide something, or distracted.

Largely dilated pupils can indicate excitement, attraction, or desire. Smaller, contracted students may indicate anger or a negative mood. Raising the cross-eye shadow can almost always indicate surprise or excitement, but in standard conversation, lifting the cross-eye shadow can indicate discomfort.
“A liar always tries to convince, whereas sincere people only provide information.”
Smiling with your eyes is also a great technique to show a real and adorable smile. Many models use this technique called smize which is usually in a sexy and fun way. The best smiles are those that also show your eyes smiling too.


Nodding your head smoothly and naturally and lifting your eyelashes can indicate curiosity. (remember how dogs charmingly nod their heads when they try to understand what you are saying to them) For little seducers eye contact then slowly looking away can be appreciably seductive and with ta, well having an expression with the positive affection with a mischievous smile and a quick lick on the lips if you are wanting to conquer a light person caressed with your hand or your knees touching while you feel it can be extremely seductive and good to emphasize that your tone is soft and pleasant that conveys emotion positive.

There’s also a new vocal fry fashion (“vocal fry“) which involves using a hollow voice at the end of a sentence, to the point where the vocal chords purr and squeak as if we had a frog stuck in our throat. Speak slowly calmly, people who tend to speak at the right pace without over-speeding are afraid to talk a lot, because speaking at the right speed is good for you and the listener

2) Trunk Everyone knows that a leader’s posture is an open posture with the shoulders back. Leaders tend to have an open posture if their posture is closed and a posture of submission. If you want to know if someone is interested in talking to you see where their navel is pointing if they have pointed at you they want to talk to you from now on when you see the person’s navel pointed at something and what they want . This is also true for when the feet. From the person they are pointed at you in v or normal but crossed legs and foot can indicate disinterest and closed also this can mean that the person hesitates and lacks confidence.

3) Hands, the bigger ones are our best form, when I have my hand up you are showing that you are asking for collaboration helps understanding and things like that. When you want to transmit an order turn your palms down can you understand this as reverse hand up help and hand down order? And now an important trick: After shaking the person’s hand, take a step back to determine how far away they are most comfortable communicating with you. “You will find that people will subconsciously appreciate this gesture”, guarantees the expert.

Restless movements can mean a distraction from what you are saying, which can also be a sign of discomfort, a lie or possibly the speaker is just unwilling to listen to you bored.

If the person is also touching your face a lot this may indicate a sign of nervousness or if you are hiding your face it may be lying.

“Whether we’re on a date or at the office, we always tend to evaluate a person based on how healthy and well-groomed their hands look”

4) feet. Domino or wherever you want to go and that’s what you’re looking for. Show you can see that a leader rarely speaks to the feet. Together so you can see that leaders who want to take up more space tend to have bigger cars and bigger writers. The ideal is that the people. Be in line with the shoulder, the feet. They also indicate where you want to go and where you want to be.

Bonus: How to identify a rich person.

The real rich tend to be more humble and hardly boast about their wealth and are talking about it 24 hours most of them refuse to even admit to being rich and would even carry bags from the market at an airport instead of expensive suitcases. People who have more capital prefer to buy things in sight rather than in installments, this must be due to the fact that rich people want to save their heads from worrying about credit card bills but there may be cases that they may prefer to pay the installment to grow their money . Rich people spend less than normal people, successful people are financially aware so you will never see them spending much more saving a lot to invest.
I can say that rich people are richer in manners and most likely have been trained to have social etiquette and for the right dinner they know how to sit down and use the right utensils. Someone who is figuring out wealth certainly doesn’t know about it.
Remember that rich people are also more intellectual than most and know more languages, math, politics and business than other people.

See this account taken from David Grant’s quora. A friend once told me a very funny story. He lives in Atlanta and was talking to a Ferrari salesman. He asked the seller: “What kind of person buys a Ferrari?” The salesperson told him, “It’s not usually the guy in the fancy suit and tie. It’s not usually the guy in the Brooks Brothers polo shirt, khaki pants, and Italian shoes. It’s the guy who walks in dressed in flip-flops, shorts, a T-shirt and has a $10,000 watch on his wrist. ”

He doesn’t know how to pronounce foie gras or anything else that only rich people know what it’s about, it will show that they are not familiar with really luxury things.

You absolutely cannot. Many rich people don’t care about clothes, watches, or looks. Many poor people wear clothes to impress, but they are deeply in debt.

In my experience, the people who flaunt their wealth are those who don’t. They usually live on credit.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa


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