Summary the book the alchemist of paulo rabbit

The author of this great best seller champion in over 18 countries, Paulo Coelho the author of the alchemist already is a great living and real proof that the universe promotes forces that help you to achieve your destiny. See just a short summary of Paulo Coelho’s story he studied at a high class school in Rio de Janeiro, which is in Brazil his father wanted him to be an engineer but Paulo continues to pursue his goal of being a writer, even with several defeats by his way soon the persistence of Paulo Coelho gave the creation of a book that would shape his life and many others called the alchemist, now you see that magically Paulo does what many would consider impossible he transformed himself from a bad writer to become a Extremely good and world famous writer.

Paulo Coelho’s alchemist tells the story of Santiago, a boy who lived in Spain who left everything he had to become a shepherd in order to travel the world, after having a very insistent dream about a treasure found in the desert near the pyramids of the Egypt decided to go talk to a gypsy he met while walking around after this conversation he decides after that santiago sells everything he has to go in search of this treasure. First he travels to Tangier, where he is robbed for being naive, then because this sad event Santiago starts working in a crystal shop that grew a lot after the contract after earning good money he continues with his difficult journey through the desert in search of your treasure. Upon arriving at the Oasis he met Fatima with whom he fell in love and also met an alchemist, a person who helps her reach her treasure. The work ends with the discovery of the treasure that was where his heart was and the treasure was the journey and the discoveries made and the wisdom acquired.

I can hardly summarize this book in a single sentence, knowing and believing what you want the universe will help you achieve your goal. I highly recommend reading Napoleon Hill’s Smarter Than Devil and Essentialism.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa