Find out how to study with as much benefit as possible. Method used by many successful students at Harvard and other universities.

See tips on how to study at home. Extracting as much knowledge as possible without forgetting almost anything

Believe it or not, studying at home can be more difficult than it seems due to the demand for greater concentration and high discipline, so don’t feel guilty or sad because it is not easy to study at home. Before studying or starting to study at home, it is very important that you know how to do this effectively as it is not worth studying if you will forget everything later. With repeated stress, anxiety and loss of focus, home study can be compared to a person who diets and works in an ice cream parlor or an alcoholic who tries to get rid of his alcohol addiction but works in a bar where everything your day is in contact with this temptation and most likely will succumb and take and get drunk studying at home there is not only one distraction that can be called temptation but many distractions such as cell phone, TV and even family members. Today we’re going to give you tips on how to study at home more effectively tips that students at Harvard and other colleges use.

Productivity Corner

Let’s start by saying that you have a little corner to study and one of the wisest things to do, don’t try to study in your bed as this interferes a lot with your health and I confused your brain it won’t know much to differentiate whether it’s time to sleep or to concentrate remember that your brain likes more in the comfort zone where it doesn’t have to work too hard. Make sure that in your productivity corner you already have everything you need like water and a notebook, so you tend not to get up and not procast. Keep your study space bright and airy.

Create a routine.

With a well-established routine, things start to get so much easier that studies start to get more and more rewarding. Remember that successful people in any area of ​​life have habits and those habits that get them where they want to go. Encourage and write down the tasks you want to do and establish a timetable for each task and stick to these times at all costs at first it may seem impossible but as time goes by you will see how easy it was and how good your studies are now. Take care of your homework and make sure nothing gets in your way during your studies.

Use a stopwatch where you won’t be able to do anything but study until you zero. I particularly use this tip and highly recommend remembering not to set times too long or too small, determine the time you think is necessary to complete this task in the best possible way. If you need more tips, watch this youtube video.

Make notes

If you apply this tip, not only will you improve your studies, but you will also start to stand out in class and surprise yourself. The tip here is simple make notes of what you are learning to keep yourself busy and useful in class with these notes you can research further on the subject and research more later. Study for yourself not for others that will bring positive results to your studies.

In other words, make an active study participate as much as possible in the class and if you are studying alone the subject will bury yourself almost all the time about the study. Some tips are.

  1. Ask questions about the topic of the study as discussed before
  2. Teach someone what you studied. You don’t necessarily need to teach, you can explain what you are studying and if you don’t have someone to explain you can explain it to your pet or how feyman studies technique explain it to a sheet of paper
  3. Go beyond the material you have. Don’t depend on the material you have if you already have the name of the kilo that should be studied you can search the internet and see explanatory videos and much more.
  4. Solve and create questions. If you don’t have questions to answer about what you are studying how about creating them yourself for this you will just need a little creativity. Do not be a robbery, try to ask yourself what is being taught and what is the purpose of it.
  5. Integrate studies into personal life. What you are studying or studying before can be useful in a conversation remember that you will not necessarily use your studies only in the workplace but also use it in your life relating to other people.

Do physical activities

Maybe you don’t like physical activities and that’s not a problem you don’t necessarily need to start playing football or other sport to practice physical activities you can do this at home right in your study corner. or do some crunches. It is very important to exercise your body because you are exercising your brain together, which releases substances responsible for your well-being that make you much more confident and calm.

Interact with humans

Taking the time to interact with your friends and family is good for your brain and motivates you much more to become focused and proactive in your studies. For this you can define a time that will be less productive and start interacting with them. People can teach you new things and interacting with them is a crucial part of your development. Make friends with people who have the same interest with you and discuss ideas with them that improves your learning process much more. We can diverge that all people who interact with other people develop their brain and protect it from cognitive decline and dementia.

Have a feed you know

This tip is a great hacker for life because it has the most essential but many people do not talk about eating well and one of the smartest ways to improve their studies because it is very simple the brain needs nutrients with the right nutrients you become a super human in the learning requirement. Particularly I think this tip is the most important one we recommend foods with omega 3 to provide the amount of EPA and DHA good for your brain to keep it good. I’m going to talk about the foods that I have in my diet and that I particularly think the effects of their nutrients are already having an excellent positive effect on my brain. These foods are: Chia seed, Nuts, Soybeans, Broccoli and Spinach I also take omega supplement 3 and I highly recommend this practice, however, before starting to take this supplement, consult your doctor and nutritionist.

use the music

Studying by listening to music can be very good even at HOW15 we do this and we highly recommend don’t listen to music that has people talking or too agitated go to youtube write music to study there yourself you will find a lot of good music to listen to while studying. We’ve already made a post about it here on HOW15 see it and much more about it.

According to Rory Mulvey Director / Student Enrichment Services Ltd, Dublin, Ireland.
Remember, the key to learning fast is to make mistakes and fix them!

A well known phrase coming from a very wise man

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