Radical Candor book summary

The book that several leaders of different companies have been reading and enjoying a lot and Kim Scott’s Radical Candor where he shows how to be a boss challenging employees without losing humanity. This book is so successful because it is so good that soon after publishing the book, Kim Scott founded the executive education company Candor Radical, which aims to apply book information to its clients’ companies. The book focuses on praise but does not deflect criticism to improve your relationship at work with the people who are daily helping you grow your business as contained in the book The Startup Owner’s Manual Knowing how to hire people is fundamental to the growth of your company now with the addition of these two mandatory books for any entrepreneur or person who enjoys this business world you will see that hiring and keeping your motivated employees proactive is one of the most important pillars for the growth of your company. And radical candor shows you how to do this the idea is very simple you can criticize your employees if your employees know that you like them and that their criticisms are just advice and tips in disguise an example of this and the difference in mood you feel when a friend calls you by a nickname and a stranger also calls you by the same nickname, it is evident that with your friend you will not be so nervous but with a stranger calling you by the same nickname you will anger much stronger feelings whether it is sadness or anger.

The author talks a lot and compares the mistakes made by bosses, leaders and anyone else in the management position makes when relating to their employees, one of them is to challenge their employees without caring, a boss must challenge his dunciers to show that he cares. when you or someone else does not do this it is considered a lack of absence.

Something that I found very interesting and that Scott shows how current Silicon Valley companies like Google led him to see the difference in big bosses from bad bosses than nothing else and that his ability to build strong strong with his employees who keep them happy, proactive and motivated within your working company. This for Scott nothing more and that Radical Frankness “guiding a team to achieve results” with that phrase in mind we can draw three lessons.

1) Guide: Know how to guide your team and how to have the control of the video game in your hand to create a culture of guidance and something of extreme importance. For more help we’ll leave some tips below.

  • Do not deviate from your strategy and do not contradict yourself because it is very plausible without contradicting and changing strategy all the time you will start to lose the goodwill of your employees
  • Motivate your employees to always be developing CEO Davis Siksnas says, “The key to a fast-growing company is to empower your employees’ self-development” Encourage the culture of learning

2) Team: We’ve talked about this before and we’re back to talking about an essential pillar for your company and the ability to keep your employees motivated so that they become pro-active, avoiding disruption, boredom or anything like that. You also need to adapt your feedback to each role because it is very simple because all people are different from each other listen very carefully and take care that your feedback is interpreted incorrectly if they remain silent after your feedback use silence as a tool for them to say something.

  • Scott recommends that you explain to the people you work with what radical frankness is and how it improves coexistence within the work with this Scott ideally says that a whiteboard should be put up and whenever feedback is given paste a post-it with feedback on your performance and this will greatly improve your services.

3) Results: Take calculated risks in order to add value to the services offered, focusing your energy and that of your team on what really makes the difference. Look for opportunities to improve your company’s results. Reward according to people who also give feedback with appreciation this will develop more and more.

And indisculto that a close-knit team like a family or a group of friends is much better than just an individual working alone, radical frankness has as its main mission to develop strong people who increase the activity and reciprocity of the team, which is something of extreme importance for any company that seeks to achieve goals as quickly and as best as possible.

Scott also talks in his book about Russ Laraway the Candor Confounder and his tactic that quickly builds confidence in his team. The tactic is called Career Conversations this technique, as the book understands, should only be used at the beginning of the relationship with your subordinates. Usually this conversation takes a long time so it is not something you can keep in the long run.

First step schedule several individual meetings with your reports and make sure that each meeting is at least one hour long where the purpose of these meetings will be Career Talk. First thing is to ask your subordinate to tell you about his life about his hometown and everything that is useful for you to know to create good relationships with the subordinate. The main objective is to learn what motivates each person who is daily close to you. From the beginning to the end of the conversation, focus on the changes people have made and try to understand why they have made each change. People’s values ​​can often be seen in your life changes. The goal is to understand people through their stories. If the person signals discomfort in some parts of the story, leave these parts aside as a sign of respect and start describing your life in order to change the focus so the conversation is not too heavy. Try not to ask cliche and rhetorical questions where the subordinate can answer without even thinking about every answer, cliche questions get cliche answers that are hardly useful at all. After the conversation write in a document the dreams and skills of your subordinates work to organize with them each skill talk to them how they are competent in each skill this will make it more obvious what skills they should learn and develop and how you would be useful to help him with that. Have your subordinates ask themselves the following questions

Radical Candor is an essential book for anyone who wants to enter or is already in the world of people management where you need to keep your employees dreamy and motivated. HOW15 recommends this book with a 7-star rating.

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