Book Summary the book You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth

If there’s a good book to break negative thoughts about money and it boosts and improves your mood a lot, let’s summarize this book a little bit today. There have been a lot of good reviews about this book saying that it is the best way to change the money mindset.

Candid talks about the mindset and how it is one of the most important if not the most important steps to change your financial life, the way you think and imagine money and that mindset controls everything. She says that you are a blank board as a child about money, you don’t have formed opinions about money if it’s hard to make, or easy to find your opinions and beliefs about money are formed on the basis of those around you. They think and do with it, she sets an example of parents who fight over money and this has a very negative effect on the child who always listens and sees these fights as the child’s mentality and a whiteboard she paints this picture with memories whether they are positive or negative about money.

Some summarized lessons from this book and

  1. Being positive and putting your positivity to work will work miracles in your life. I find this idea very interesting because I practice the teachings of The Secrets and it has helped and improved my life a lot. This idea is even talked about in the book Secrets of Millionaire Minds. Observation I’m not asking you to do this in your life, but if we stop to think what do you lose with this?
  1. Be specific on how much money you want to earn and what you will use it for, be positive and stay focused on that thing. Where we keep the focus it tends to expand.

Remember, if you continue to believe that money makes people bad, corrupt and dishonest, it will be very difficult for you to get it. Think with me, you would remain friends or close to a person who just puts you down, unless you are the answer masochist and not then the money is the same thing he will not be with a person who is afraid or hates him.

Think of money as the internet to many people who use it for bad things but there are many more people who use it for good.

Think about the same way that Billionaires people buy sports cars with the money they also fund several projects for humanity, a well-known example is Elon Musk who has donated more than $150 million dollars to charity.

After that comes the big question whether or not money can help you do more good things in the world?

The universe has already played with Jen Sincero in a very crazy way of thinking she was thinking of more ways to earn more money with this, she had in mind selling updated coaching packages and in a very unisitized way one of her longtime clients who had made her coaching package sent her a message asking how much for her training. This is just one of thousands of testimonials that thinking positively changes your life.

“Giving and receiving money is an energetic exchange between people, and your job is to consciously align your frequency with the money you want to manifest and open up to receive it.”

Another tip from the book is to set aside time for yourself where you don’t speak and don’t listen to anything that will do you a good thing that will lead to better and wiser choices.

“You can’t do anything if you try to do everything.”

Remember that money and success will only come to you if you really want and want it. This seems to be even sillier talking, but sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to run after our happiness because of fears and other things we trust in our jobs but the hard truth is that nothing is stable. I’m not telling you to quit your job I’m just saying that you always have a second plan in mind and be positive about all areas of life, Stay in your job, but fill up like 1 out of thousands of ways to earn money in this life. Press the F5 key and always update yourself and develop in all areas of life, especially the spiritual, logical and emotional.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa