Discover the best way to converse well

Everyone likes to talk about themselves for other people to talk about their stories and dreams, but maybe the other person doesn’t pay attention to you because you don’t know how to speak the right way. You can take public speaking classes, or you can start developing public speaking skills training a little at home on how to carry a conversation and always know what to say at the right time to speak.

Today we’ll give you tips that have increased your speaking skills.

1) Think before speaking

EEveryone wants to talk and be heard, but better than talking and knowing what to say, organize your ideas and always think before saying anything. If you say something that doesn’t fit the conversation, it can confuse the other person and thus lose their attention. Say what you mean, but think what your listener will think about what you are saying.

2) Get to the point

If you want something from someone, the best way to get it, and you are kind and go straight to the point. Ask gently and maybe even use mental triggers like “I know you don’t want to do it.” When you say this according to science, the chances of the other person doing what you are asking increase.

A tip and you asking the favor in person looking into the person’s eyes speak to text on social networks greatly reduces the chance of that person doing something for you. Be short and to the point the more you talk the less chances you have of winning

3) Speak the way the listener speaks

One of the ways to be very friendly in a conversation and you use the same vocabulary as the listener just don’t abuse it, because he may think you’re making fun of him, so be clear and natural.

4) Learn a little bit of everything

Learn a little bit of everything and a great way to get people’s attention in any conversation. Bill Gates is a fine example, Bill reads books on various subjects and genres because he knows that knowledge is never too much. Think of one thing you’re talking to your friends from art school and out of nowhere you get together with another group of unknown people from a programming school so you can make friends with these people you don’t need to know everything about programming but you can already start one talk about what photo editing programs they would recommend for you to photograph their artwork.

5) Tell story

Telling a story can be a very smart way to grab the listener’s attention and create a connection with them. You can use storyng techniques to improve your story. Remember nobody is born knowing so always explain in an easy to understand way. If you can’t make a listener who is paying attention understand the conversation belt informs you that you’ve failed.

6) If interested

A tip for you to speak well and you will fall in love with the conversation and show interest. Make eye contact and smile, not a fake smile but a symmetrical smile, smile the way an elderly person smiles when he sees his grandchildren. Don’t speak too fast or too softly, as this can discourage the listener.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa