Quickly learn to sell the ebook. See how to sell an ebook on amazon

Quickly learn to sell the ebook. See how to sell an ebook on amazon
Selling e-books online can earn you huge amounts of money, but first you must know how to publish ebook. There are thousands of platforms where you can sell your e-books, but let’s start with the best known Amazon. The question you should ask yourself now is how publishes ebook Amazon.

Amazon’s Kindke Direct Publishing platform publishes good for self ebook it is the most used platform in the world besides all of that it’s good for how to publish ebook for free.
Amazon now accounts for 85% of e-book sales worldwide, so it is very useful for you to learn how publish an ebook on this platform. With Amazon Self-Publishing, you can reach the largest book audience in the world and earn up to 70% royalties on your ebooks. Publish an ebook on amazon and apparently the best and most knowledgeable option.
First of all there are steps you must go through let’s list those steps below.

  1. Write and create your Ebook
  2.  Design your ebook (select right images for it)
  3.  Know your target audience

It is worth remembering that even after you publish your ebook you will be able to edit it and it is recommended that it not be long. After these steps you will need to create a KDP account in order to sell an ebook. To create a KDP account is super simple if you already have an amazon account will be even easier. Your eBook files must be formatted correctly in order to upload to the Amazon platform.

Let’s leave formats below to publish an ebook with amazon.
Recommended formats:

  • Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX)
  • Kindle Create (KPF)
  • EPUB
  • Compatible formats:
  • MOBI (only for fixed-layout eBooks)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Plain Text (TXT)
  • Adobe PDF (PDF)

You can hire a professional formatter if you want on fiver, or you can format the book yourself so that you can publish an ebook to amazon. Once your book is formatted correctly, it’s time to start the KDP upload process. If you want to see the ebook formatting settings, click on the link below.

Before publishing ebook kindle it is important that you know this.

Bookcase: The bookcase is where you are right now, if you’re following this post. On your bookshelf you will create your eBook.
Reports: Track your book sales, royalties earned, sales history and generate monthly or yearly reports for all your book selling activities. This is my favorite page!
Community: Engage with Amazon’s stellar published authors in a discussion forum. Ask your questions and ask for help from other authors who have published their own information. You can also access the KDP Community Guidelines.
KDP Select: This is Amazon’s Exclusive Program for Authors. I’ll cover this in more detail later, but for now, you can read about KDP Select here.

This table was taken from https://selfpublishing.com/

1)Create an attractive title that cannot be ignored
2)Insert your name
3)Write the sales description of the book a tip and that you be the most objective and simple and write as your readers speak
4) Check the copyright
5)Use keywords. Keywords are very important for your target audience to find your book. Use 

These tools to find keywords for your ebook:

  • Publisher Rocket
  • MerchantWords
  • Amazon’s auto-complete function

Choose your ebook category There are more than 20,000 categories on Amazon, and finding your book category is a super important task. To be approved for more Amazon book categories, you simply contact Amazon directly from the Contact Us tab. Send Amazon an email with a list of your additional categories and the team will insert your book into the requested categories within a few hours.

Select the publication date of your book.

At amazon you have 2 options or you can publish immediately or set a date for publication. Just choose which one is best for you.

Publish your book on amazon

After following all the steps above you will be able to publish your book. Book must cost after release ends.

It always depends on the author. But to help you decide, there are two royalty options for your book: 35% and 70%. If your book is under $2.99, you must choose 35%. Between $2.99 ​​and $9.99, you receive 70% of the sale of your e-book. Therefore, ideally, your book should be priced within this range.


How sell ebook on ebay

1 First, you need an eBay account to sell. Subscribing to eBay is completely free, all you need is a PayPal account.

2 When you have eBay in mind and are ready to sell, it’s time to find some ebooks. You can buy ebooks online with resell rights or some places have ebooks completely free with resell rights. The hard part is actually finding it online.

3 Once you have the ebook and ebay account you will be able to publish and sell ebook online it is very important that you have the copyright of the ebook you are going to sell.

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