Napoleon Hill’s successful philosophy

Let’s start the article with an inspirational phrase

“If my mind can imagine, If I can believe, Then I can do it”

Napoleon Hill very interesting and powerful books this article today is named after Napeoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill quotes

“If you think you are a loser you will be a loser”
“If you don’t think I want with all my strength I won’t achieve anything”
“Even if you want to win. If you think you won’t be able to win it won’t do for you”
“If you do things halfway you will be a failure”
“If you aspire to attain a higher position in life, you must first equip yourself with the communication that you will unfailingly achieve”
Take courage and say I CAN

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Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules Summary

Every success and result of a power
All power and result of an organized effort
Every effort that is well organized and the result of a well-defined objective
Every well-defined goal and result of a dream

develop leadership
Do more than agreed
Focus on the right thing
work as a team
Take planned risks

Be a solutions trader

have goal and have method

We discovered in this world that success starts with our intention and everything is determined by our spirit

1) Where do you want to go?

I had a successful multi-million dollar multinational company

I can’t give up because most have. I can’t give up because I know too much. I can’t give up because otherwise it wouldn’t be too bad and self-centered with someone who doesn’t have my multi-billionaire thoughts and the tools I have. I can’t give up because if I give up to myself, it’s all over.

We took these phrases and ideas from napoleon hill’s best books

Lack of decision leads to failure

Nothing beats persistence or even talent

Napoleon Hill has never known a loser just a quitter (Thinking like that you’ll only be a loser if you give up “Then don’t give up”)
“Persistence and like carbon to steel”
If I believe in my goal I give 100% of myself to it

Let fear out of your mind and concentrate on your ultimate goal.
Pay more attention to details

The fight for life is not always advantageous to the strong or the smart
Sooner or later
Whoever practices victory and whoever fully believes: “I will succeed”

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