Summary the classic guide to creating great ads.

  • This summary contains parts of the book and ideas I got from reading this book that I highly recommend.

Let’s start with number 1-people like authenticity.
2-Writing and a process You need to first write down all your bad ideas before you get to the good ones.
3-Simple and better. It breaks the clutter and easier to remember
4-Conflict and what makes things interesting. Tension makes us lean to see what’s going on
5-Add value and be relevant. Start by putting the customer’s needs, passions and interests first.

*Whenever you can hear what customers are saying, enjoy
*Ask yourself what would make you want the product
*Write the truest things about your product or brand
*To make words flow, it sometimes helps to simply write down what you want to say. Make it memorable, different or new later. First step, just say it.
*Write down bad ideas and delete them from the system
*Write keep writing and don’t stop
“When intelligence is involved, the designer never travels 100% of the way to the audience. The audience may need to travel as little as 5% or even $40 to the designer in order to unlock the puzzle and get the idea.”
*Write as you speak
*Write with a smooth, easy rhythm that sounds natural
*Short sentences are best, especially online, one-word sentences.
*Just be clear

5 rules for writing an essay

1) Start hard
2) Have a theme
3) Use simple language
4) Leave an image in the customer’s mind
5) Finish dramatically

“Start from where you are”

  • Identify your most productive work hours and use them to generate ideas
  • The algorithm will never replace the value of a good idea or a moving story. In fact, the more content there is, the more valuable the content becomes.
  • Not every idea must be typed, but you must understand the digital

“Never make the team bigger than one pizza if you can’t feed two pizzas”

Why pay attention while you can earn it?

“Anyone creating content these days should spend 50% of their creative energy on the idea 50% of its distribution”

Ideas that conquer the market

*Ideas that start with something people are already interested in.
*Ideas that invite users to participate
*Ideas that connect people to one another
*Ideas that can migrate everywhere at different levels
*Ideas that embrace internet warp speed
x x
*Start by listening. Find out what people care about. What are they sharing. What problems do they want to solve related to their category and brand.

*Talk to people, not corporation

“We are so busy measuring public opinion that we forget we can shape it”

become provocative become memorable

*Take responsibility for knowing about money. Don’t leave it to agencies

“Take control of your own financial destiny, do your homework, stay informed and learn to trade fairly”
“Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t overestimate yourself”

  • This book is an essential resource for advertising professionals who need up-to-date digital skills to reach the modern consumer.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa