Summary Ogilvy on Advertising

This summary is nothing more than excerpts and phrases taken from the book.

Advertising company that speak through so-called free apps “I’m either a product or I’m a seller or I sell I’m sold”
“Brands have to work a lot harder now to be important to people” “People never watch or read most published by these brands.”

“Being a creator of meanings”
“People resonate more with emotional messages than rational communication”
“The problem with market research is that people don’t think what they feel, don’t say what they think and don’t do what they say”
“Focus on delivering a different customer experience with search marketing”
“People are twice as likely to respond to programmatic advertising when it’s timely and relevant.
“At best, the art of storytelling is the foundation of advertising in the digital age” Here at HOW15 we have already given and shown you various techniques and ways of telling stories that are impossible to ignore.
“When I write an ad, I don’t want you to tell me that you consider it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product. ”

“Consumers still buy products whose advertising promises value for money, beauty, nutrition, relief from suffering, social status and so on. In all world.”

“You don’t stand a chance of producing successful advertising unless you start doing your homework.” Doing your homework is nothing more than studying your product, filling it in every possible way and way and seeing which target audience it fits in, it’s always good for you to get in touch with this target audience to find out things that marketing tools they can’t deliver you, an example is that talking to the target audience of your product you can discover the things that cause most emotions in them =, also discovering their greatest pain.

“Doyle Dane Bernbach has created one of the most powerful campaigns in advertising history. ‘When you’re just number 2, you try harder. If no.’ This diabolical positioning made life miserable for Hertz, who was number 1. ”

“Image means personality.”

“When you choose a brand of whiskey, you are choosing an image. Jack Daniel’s ads project an image of homely honesty and thus persuade you that Jack Daniel’s is worth its premium price. ”

“It takes a great idea to grab the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a great idea, it will pass like a ship overnight. ”

“I must be one of the most fertile inventors of great ideas, but in my long career as a copywriter I haven’t had more than 20, if that.”

“Big ideas come from the unconscious. But your unconscious has to be well informed, or your idea will be irrelevant. ”

“Sometimes the best idea of ​​all is to show the product – with complete simplicity. This takes courage, because you will be accused of not being ‘creative’. ”

“There are no boring products, just boring writers.”

“If you and your competitors make great products, don’t try to imply that your product is better. Just say what’s good in your product – and do a clearer, more honest and informative job of saying it. ” “’Most good copywriters,’ says William Maynard of the Bates agency, fall into two categories. Poets. And murderers. Poets see the ad as an end. Assassins as a means to an end. ‘ If you are both a murderer and a poet, you get rich. ”

“When people aren’t having fun, they don’t produce good publicity.” The best way to advertise and have fun advertising

“The easiest way to get new customers is to do good publicity.”

“Tell your prospect what your weaknesses are, before they know it. This will make you more confident in bragging about your strengths. ”

“The day after a new business presentation, send the potential client a three-page letter summarizing why they should choose your agency. This will help you make the right decision. ”

“Avoid customers whose ethos is incompatible with yours.”

“Don’t keep a dog and bark at yourself. Any fool can write a bad ad, but it takes a genius to keep your hands off a good one.”

“It follows that unless your title sells your product, you’ve wasted 90% of your money.” Apparently titles are the smallest texts but the ones that work harder to sell your product. Write titles that are impossible to ignore. The titles that work best are those that promise a benefit to the reader”

“Ten-word headlines sell more merchandise than short headlines.”

“Headlines that provide readers with useful information, such as ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, attract above-average readers.”
“When you advertise in local newspapers, you get better results if you include the name of each city in your headline. People are more interested in what is happening where they live”.

“On average, long headlines sell more merchandise than short ones. This one-word title is the exception that confirms the rule. ”

“Details are more reliable and memorable than generalities.”

“When you put your title in quotes, you increase recall by an average of 28 percent.”
“It pays to write short sentences and short paragraphs and avoid difficult words.”

“The copy must be written in the language people use in everyday conversation.”

“Tell your reader what your product will do for him or her, and say it in detail.”

“Stay away from superlatives like ‘Our product is the best in the world.’ Gallup calls this Brag and Boast. It doesn’t convince anyone. ”

“Dr. Charles Edwards concluded that ‘the more facts you tell, the more you sell’”.

“On average, headlines below the illustration are read by 10 percent more people than the headlines above the illustration.”

“More people read the captions under the illustrations than the body of the copy, so never use an illustration without putting a caption below it. Your caption should include the brand name and promise. ” “When you advertise a new product, you have to teach the name to people on television.”

“Commercials that end up showing the packaging are more effective in changing brand preference than commercials that don’t.”

“In food commercials, the more appetizing you make it, the more you sell.”
“Although the music doesn’t contribute to the selling power of commercials, the sound effects, like sausage boiling in a frying pan, can make a positive difference.”

“Research shows that it’s harder to trap the audience if you use your voice. It’s better if the actors speak on camera”.
“If you want the viewer to pay attention to your commercial, show her something she’s never seen before.”

“On average, commercials with a multitude of short scenes are below average in changing brand preference.”

“It’s worth showing the product being used and, if possible, the end result of using it.” “Technicians can produce what you want. The only limit is your imagination.”

“If you want to prevent your television commercials from being misinterpreted, you better make them very clear.”

“The easiest way to reduce the cost of a commercial is to remove actors from the storyboard.” “Opinion Research Corporation found that people who know a company well are five times more likely to have a favorable opinion about it.” “People dream of visiting foreign countries. Your advertising’s job is to turn your dreams into action. The best way to do this might be to combine mouthwatering photographs with specific information on how to do it. ”

“When you’re advertising little-known countries, it’s particularly important to give people a lot of information.”

“I believe charm works well in tourist advertising. And differentiation. ”

“The more people trust you, the more they buy from you.”

“It’s hard to persuade people to donate money to a charity unless they know something about it.”

“Advertising that doesn’t promise consumer benefit doesn’t sell, but most campaigns don’t contain any promises. (This is the most important phrase in this book. Read it again.) ”

“Sometimes you will find that the promise that beats your test is already being used by one of your competitors. Poor voce.” “There is a totally uncontrolled and blatantly dishonest category of advertising: television commercials for candidates in presidential elections.”

“At a time when television commercials are often the deciding factor in deciding who the next president of the United States will be, dishonest publicity is as bad as filling the ballot box.”

“The best way to increase the sale of a product is to improve the product.”

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