How to gain confidence

In this post we will talk about trust, and how to get it. Always consider that getting someone’s trust is something that can take some time but it’s always worth it.

We can take as an example this you, answer these simple questions. How many people do you trust? Why do you trust few people? How many times have you felt nervous or hurt that someone broke your trust? You would trust all your investments in the hands of your friends. If most of the answers were answered with “I don’t trust” you are a very difficult person to gain trust.
There is no shame in such doubts or uncertainties. Trusting someone isn’t easy, especially when it comes to things you can’t afford to lose, such as marriage, child care, work, property, professional reputation, or your own dignity and good name.

Hacker, the founder of VISA, said: “Leaders must lead themselves at least half the time.” If you can lead yourself well, you can lead others and live leadership

Let’s get to the tips on how to get other people’s trust.

1) Get rid of the Ego

Everyone hates self-centered people who only think, when you’re in a group of friends or talking to a stranger on the street the first thing you should do is not to call yourself and promote yourself, it’s okay to have a friendly conversation always ask the listener questions that make him talk more than you do.

2) Don’t judge

Don’t be against it right away in a conversation it will only make people want to distance themselves from you. Keep your question to yourself or speak it in a way that the listener will listen in a calm, passive way.

3) Recognize and value the importance of others.

Knowing how to listen and please others makes you the most confident, happy and greatest skill you can have when it comes to earning the trust of others. Show how much you value that person and they will start to like and value your opinion too.

4) Be honest

Being honest and intriguing is the best way to gain someone’s trust, don’t act with your emotions and lie to the person, telling the truth is always the best option.

5) Show generosity

Show generosity and a magnet to attract trust. Being generous is a very powerful attitude! It leaves you light, providing the feeling of accomplishment. Being generous shows us how good it is to be able to give. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about time, knowledge or capital, when you donate, you realize that it makes you feel good, it gives you an inner peace.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa