Discover 6 platforms to earn Bitcoins

Below we will list 6 free-lance platforms that pay in Bitcoin.

1) Crypto Jobs

Many employers often use the Crypto Jobs platform to find candidates for many jobs that need to be done in a full or partial period. The platform has about 2600 jobs available. The crypto jobs platform is perfect as it has little competition compared to other freelacer platforms.

Crypto Jobs is approved by the main Blockchain companies in the world.

2) Jobs4Bitcoins

Jobs4Bitcoins is the biggest Bitcoin job board on reddit! Jobs4Bitcoins offers you a place to offer your talents and skills in exchange for the fastest growing currency in the world. At Jobs4Bitcoins you find work, find workers! And all payments made in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

3) Cointelegraph Jobs

Jobs in Crypto, powered by Cointelegraph with a list of job opportunities within the blockchain, fintech and encryption industries.
Jobs Cointelegraph helps you find the most qualified candidates and most rewarding careers in the blockchain industry to build an international network of blockchain professionals.

4) Blocklancer

Blocklancer is a hassle-free platform for those looking to win in ctiptocurrencies in which you can associate with any member of the platform from anywhere in the world without needing a passport or bank account to start earning.

According to the platform’s website the advantages are.

Integrated Ethereum Wallet
Use your built-in Ethereum wallet to store and ship Ethereum. You can easily deposit and withdraw Ethereum without any hassle.

Earn Ethereum
Blocklancer is the perfect place to earn Ethereum. You can earn Ethereum by offering your freelance services.

No Bank Account Required
You can start as a freelancer even if you don’t have a bank account or passport.

Become The Best Blockchai Match
You can update your freelance profile reaching new levels. Try to become the top seller.

5) BitGigs

BitGigs is an online job board site where many jobs are posted regularly. Most jobs are remote this means you won’t need to leave your home to work.

6) is a coibase platform where you earn cryptocurrencies by learning more about them. You can earn your coins by answering emails and completing tasks you receive through your online portal.

According to the platform does Coinbase Earn work?

watch videos
We created educational to introduce you to different cryptocurrencies.

take tests
After each video, you’ll take a simple quiz about what you’ve learned.

For every completed test, you will receive cryptocurrencies in your Coinbase wallet.

start today
Earning opportunities are only available for a limited time to a select group of customers.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa