cbitcoin queen

The queen who can be called a thief is not an example of honesty, Ruja Ingatova or as many know “Queen of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies” earned at least 4 billion pounds sterling with OneCoin, a fake cryptocurrency, we can say that this queen left a legion of sad people.

Let’s start in early June, an approximately 36-year-old businesswoman named Ruja Ignatova took the stage at London’s famous Wembley Stadium and in front of thousands of people she spoke out loud to the entire crowd that the fake OneCoin The cryptocurrency was very little time to become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Ruja insisted on telling the public that OneCoin would sign Bitcoin and that Bitcoin would be forgotten by everyone.

Ruja always claims to be the cryptocurrency mother of a cryptocurrency that would kill bitcoin, causing thousands and thousands of people to forget about this cryptocurrency. Before that, Ruja convinced people around the world to invest their savings in OneCoin promising big returns.

Confidential documents that the BBC had access to show that the British spent nearly 30 million pounds on OneCoin in the first six months of 2016. There are also records of investments coming from countries like Pakistan, Norway, Canada, Yemen and also from Brazil.

Let’s now add one more important person to this story, his name and Bjorn Bjercke.
Bjor was hired by a Bulgarian cryptocurrency startup.

Bjerck was surprised that the cryptocurrency company found out that OneCoin didn’t even have a blockchain. Around the same time, another person named Jen McAdam was given a “must have a chance” of a starch for an hour and heard enthusiastic testimonials about the new cryptocurrency and its enrichment opportunities. The webinar extolled the resume of Ruja Ingatova from Oxford University and even showed a video from The Economistn with everything that Ruja demonstrated to have an extremely high authority helping her to get thousands and thousands of investors for her fake cryptocurrency.

To this day, no one knows anything about the disappearance of Ruja Ingatova, the queen of the fake cryptocurrencies.

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