Bitcoin Fraud Stories

That there are scams involving the precious Bitcons we all already know. Now how about discovering some very interesting and curious stories about Bitcoin.

Let’s start with Milton Group

Whenever you enter their social networks, especially Facebook, there is a classic ad that promises to multiply your investments in a few days in an easy way, after seeing these ads you get in touch and ask how it is possible to multiply the money so soon after they will ask your phone number then they told you that you will have to put a lot of money into magical and mysterious cryptocurrency investments. So you get in touch with the company and they say they work in trade and swear the more you invest, the more you earn. After listening to this you decide to try and invest a little money after a while you start to see that your money has multiplied and you are very happy for it then you start to invest more and more until you discover that it is not possible to withdraw the supposed profits that has won.

Soon after you’ve gone through all of this you discover it’s a cryptocoin scam set up by the Milton Group. This scam stole over $214.5 million dollars out of the hands of ordinary people who just wanted to make a good investment.

Now let’s go to the second story where Computer Pirates the biggest exchange in the world at the time of February 2014.

Monte Gox which was the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world in 2014 operated in Japan at that time Monte Gox was the main way for people to buy and sell Bitcoins, since its foundation in 2010 until February 2014 Monte Gox announces that 850,000 bitcoins those same Bitcoins disappeared today are worth billions, over time US authorities announced they had preyed on a suspect named Alexander Vinnik who owned and operated a competing Monte Gox exchange, officials claimed he intentionally accepted bitcoins stolen from Monte . The company Monte Gox went bankrupt after this accident if sunk in debt. Obviously, Mt. Former Gox creditors believe they should be paid in appreciated bitcoins, but Japanese law may not be on their side.

Minin Max

Everyone who knows this world of cryptocurrencies has wanted or wants to invest in mining machines but these machines are expensive to buy and keep running so when someone comes up saying that they will mine bitcoins for you and the only one you need to do and give some money to him seems stupid to refuse. There are many platforms that offer this cheap mining service where the person just needs to give a little money and see their bitcoins showing up easily the only risk you can take and lose all your money with companies that offer this service as they can disappear overnight this is not uncommon. There are many companies that demonstrate enormous authority in this mining subject but they are all fraud and most of these companies always disappear and take the investor’s money with them. This was the case with Mining Max, a company based in the United States and with mining farms in South Korea. In 2016, the company presented itself as a cloud mining platform for altcoins. At that time, it promised monthly returns to all its investors, as shown in the text below, taken from the business’s website:

Mining Max managers have raised and stolen about $250 million from some 18,000 innocent investors in 54 countries, including the United States, Japan, China and South Korea itself.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa