What happens when bitcoins are lost

When your bitcoins are lost, does nothing happen to them? In the wallet you had your bitcoins nothing will happen unless it gets hacked, which is an extremely rare thing to happen. Nothing will happen to your wallet because the bitcoins are stored there as investments. The lost bitcoins still remained in the blockchain and as we said before the only way to get your bitcoins would be hacked but it’s not easy. The only thing that will happen is that your lost bitcoins may become more valuable due to the high market demand. An example of this and that of a Briton who accidentally discarded a hard disk that contained 7,500 bitcoins would be equivalent to R $ 1.3 billion. The IT specialist had mined bitcoin four years earlier, shortly after his birth in 2009. At the time, cryptocurrency was not worth much, but recent historical highs have led the Brit to realize his loss and then try the impossible to recover his fortune.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa