Questions about bitcoin

1) Who created Bitcoin when?

Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese pseudonym, initially represented an anonymous person or group of people who created the original bitcoin protocol.

2) When was Bitcoin created?

On October 31, 2008, a document named “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” was published in a group of electronic messages. This mysterious file was placed by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, who became known as the creator of Bitcoin.

3) Who does Bitcoin?

Each bitcoin transaction, in addition to being registered on the blockchain, issues a code that needs to be verified by Bitcoin miners. Miners are the people who, through computers or specific machines, are responsible for issuing bitcoins.

4) How Many Bitcoins has Satoshi Nakamoto?

Musk or Nakamoto? According to researcher Sergio Demian Lerner, Satoshi Nakamoto mined around 1.1 million BTC. The number was obtained after observing a mining pattern, nicknamed “Patoshi”. In this way, the creator of Bitcoin is also the most prolific block miner so far in the history of cryptocurrency.

5) What is Satoshi Nakamoto Net Worth?

Nakamoto never spent his Bitcoins earned in the first year of the cryptocurrency. Therefore, with the recent rise that raised the crypto to $ 64,000, the creator would have a fortune above $ 59 billion. Although Nakamoto has yet to reach $ 100 billion, analysts believe he may still be the richest.

6) How much was 1 Bitcoin worth in 2010?

Bitcoin’s price did not exceed $ 1 in 2010! Its highest price this year was just $0.39!

7) How much was 1 Bitcoin worth in 2013?

In 2011 Bitcoin broke through the dollar barrier and reached a value of $ 3.14. In 2012 Bitcoin ended the year at $ 12. In 2013 Bitcoin came to be at $ 1,120

8) How many Bitcoins were created?

Since Bitcoins can only be created with mining, all existing Bitcoins have been mined. The total is 19,065,787.5 BTC. Remembering that this number can change because the more bitcoin is mined the more cryptocurrencies will appear.

10) Bitcoin tweet

Bitcoin, being a very volatile and influenceable digital currency, can change the price very quickly due to a tweet, for example Elon Musk that whenever he tweets something about bitcoin the currency changes its price. And what you read a tweet can change the price of bitcoin easily. Thinking about it, investor Andrei Badoiu developed a robot that buys bitcoin (BTC) every time Musk tweets about the cryptocurrency. In an interview with the Decrypt website, Badoiu said it is common for investors to use these tools to buy or sell shares in response to comments from influential individuals.

11) Who controls the bitcoin network

Everyone and no one at the same time. As a digital currency, Bitcoin works in a very different way from traditional currencies, such as the Real or the Dollar: it does not have a Central Bank and is not managed by anyone, not even the mysterious Satoshi.

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