What is bitcoin hash

Hits bitcoins or hash rate is a metric that represents the speed with which miners confirm transactions on the blockchain. The hash rate is an important indicator for measuring the security of the Bitcoin network. The higher the hash rate, the more it can resist malicious behavior, such as 51% attacks. Therefore, an increase in Bitcoin hash rate represents an increase in network security, which will increase investor confidence in Bitcoin. . The Bitcoin network must perform intensive mathematical operations for security purposes. When the network reached a 10 Th / s hash rate, it meant it could do 10 trillion calculations per second.

How does Hashrate affect Bitcoin?

The higher the hash rate, the more blocks are being mined which makes it easier for the miner to solve the block puzzle and get his precious bitcoins.

What is a good hash rate?

The higher the hash rate, the better for securing more security against attacks. The higher the rate the more miners are going to need to attack them.

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