Internet income sources you need to have (Part 9)

1) Name companies in your ebooks and podcasts

The idea here is simple if you can get sponsors for your blog and your YouTube channel why not get a sponsor for your books and podcast?
First of all you must know your target audience after looking for customers who share the same target audience or customers who may be interested in your podcast.

2) Achievement

Achievement is a free online resource (website and mobile app) currently used by more than 2 million members! As a member, you will be able to earn rewards for healthy activities that you already practice. The achievement grants points for actions monitored through technology, such as walking, harvesting food and weighing oneself. You will also earn points for responding to offers to read health-related articles, participate in surveys and more. Exchange points for cash or make a donation to the charity of your choice. Earn $10 for every 10,000 points!

3) Evaluate pizzerias

Many companies pay you to rate local pizzerias. Just evaluate the place by the quality of the pizza and observe the delivery time. So, you can win a free pizza, plus $5 more. Just register with Trendsource and get started.

4) Bing Rewards

The Bing Rewards program, now called Microsoft Rewards, is a free program offered by Bing that offers incentives to use the search service. You can earn reward points by doing an online survey using a desktop, mobile device or even your Xbox. You can earn as much as $5 to $10 a month. Tip: Just stay connected when doing a search.

5) Nielsen Digital Voice

By joining the Nielsen Digital Voice community, you can earn points every time you use your smartphone, as Nielsen measures how the average smartphone owner uses the phone. It is used to make calls, send text messages, browse the web or interact with applications for transfer.

6) Appen

Appen Limited is a publicly traded company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code APX.

How much does Appen pay for micro tasks? It varies considerably depending on the project and the country where the appraiser is located. Different customers have different requirements and can generally be expected to earn anywhere from $2.5 to $10 an hour.

7) Correcting academic papers

One of the main ways of working as a content reviewer is in the area of ​​academic work. There is never a low demand for the services of this reviewer, who has a constant workflow arriving at your door.

Correcting academic papers is a good source of income, as they are usually relatively long and complex texts, on an urgent basis, for which you can charge a higher price than usual.

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Written by Buno costa