How to create cryptocurrency

First of all to create a cryptocurrency you need to know, that a cryptocurrency is a digital record and has a financial value and works like paper money. The difference in this case is that it is digital and all transactions are made online and registered on the Blockchain.

First, you need to develop the concept of the token. What will it be created for? What improvement does it bring about Bitcoin, for example? What makes it more interesting than the others?

To bring your Blockchain to life, you can use ready-made systems, such as Ethereum’s ERC-20, that allow the creation of other cryptocurrencies within an already established and secure network. However, you should know the perfect target audience for your currency if it is almost impossible to find a buyer for it.

You will need at least one computer with a good video card. It is not possible to define which is the best model, but be prepared to spend a good amount of money on the purchase, some machines can cost US $30 thousand.

Also study the cryptocurrency market, as this is very important. The universe of digital currencies works in a similar way to the stock market, that is, strong digital currencies do better and get more investments than weaker ones.

They are also extremely volatile, meaning that if people start to buy or sell many units of your token, the price of it will vary greatly.

Believe and disclose your cryptocurrency no currency gets famous overnight, day you need to have many fans for them to disclose their coins and recommend them to friends. Fans of your cryptocurrencies are very important.

So, anything goes right now. Publicize it to friends, make announcements on social networks, create an official website in which you detail the roadmap (project script), present the whitepaper (document that addresses the commercial, technological and financial details of the asset), shows the responsible team and who already supports your idea.

It is worth noting that you need money to invest in your cryptocurrency, because money begets money.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa