How to create a cryptocurrency website

We cannot deny that cryptocurrencies are a beautiful source of income, and are increasingly becoming famous, who knows, one day it may not replace money and the way we invest in stocks.

Below we will list how you can create a website 100% dedicated to cryptocurrencies

1) Seek legal advice

Before creating your website it is very important that you are complying with all the laws since the beginning of the creation of your website. It is very good to do this to avoid future problems.

Cryptocurrency laws are changing daily so always keep your legal team on to always help you with those laws.

2) Have enough money

To launch a bitcoin exchange, a minimum of $ 135,000 is required. This includes hosting, mentoring you’ll need to keep from bad, government registration, and good technology.

One tip and you don’t confuse your company’s billing with your profit. And do not make large financing without study and preparation

3) Softwares

You can buy software from several companies that offer this cryptocurrency exchange service. It is extremely important that you research and compare them all before buying any software.

4) Share your exchange

To face the need to simulate activity through fictitious accounts on the new exchange, it is possible to connect yours to a network of other existing exchanges, increasing your liquidity.

Remember, the bigger the exchange network, the less liquidity will be an issue for your new exchange.

  • Exchage is a cryptocurrency exchange or DCE is a company that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets such as conventional fiat currency or other digital currencies.

5) Secure payment processor

No payment processor is the same, they all differ from each other, so it’s always a good idea to compare carefully if you don’t want to lose money. We recommend that you choose one with a lower transaction fee to be competitive with other bitcoin exchages.

Make sure your payment processor is PCI compliant to protect your new company from cyber threats.

6) Publish your website

After doing all this process, launch your site, and always ask customers (powers) what they think of the site and what could be improved. You better hire a designer for your website to make it attractive to customers.

7) Start marketing

After publishing your site on the internet, make sure that his marketing is good, focus on bringing as many people as possible to your site, but you can do it yourself, but if you have extra money, hire a specialist who will help you a lot. (At HOW15 we offer this tilt service if you are interested in contacting us)

8) Support

Support is something extremely elusive in a company, after all, the customer has to be your best friend. And the customer who will give you money and make your company public for free. Always see how your company’s support is treating customers.

Customers want quick answers and a service that they can access when they want the tip here and you can talk to your customers for support as a friend of theirs and serve them 24 hours 7 days a week.

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Post Written and created by Bruno Costa