Internet income sources you need to have (Part 4)

1)  Template Monster and ThemeForest

If you are good at design you can use your creativity and skills to create themes and sell them on the internet. More and more people are in this online world and more and more looking for themes that are good, after all, everyone has to be original. You can earn a lot of money by creating themes for blogs and online stores.

2) Sell your services on your website

If you have any talent or something and you also have a website, how about advertising your services on your website. For example, you have a blog about cryptocurrencies and live writing on the subject. Soon you will have a lot of knowledge on the subject and will be able to sell consultancy on the subject. Another example and if you are passionate about developing designs and arts you will soon be able to sell your works on your website.
You can sell your services on other platforms like Guru, Craigslist, up Work and fiverr.

3) is a contextual advertising network. On August 21, 2016, Miteno Comunicativo Tecnologia, a Chinese consortium acquired for 900 million dollars.

You can make money with just as you would with Google adsense by promoting ads on your site. results are very similar to Google Adsense

4) Skillshare

Skillshare and Udemy’s similarity to the two platforms are practically the same with a primary focus on making money selling courses.
It has a free trial period. Its courses are in the subscription model, also offering a large catalog of free courses. If you like to teach, this is certainly a good option. Start using it through the link.

5) TryMyUI

TryMyUI is a platform where you can honestly evaluate sites and apps and earn some money so you can earn up to $ 10 per review, on average, reviews take 20 minutes to finish. The assessments consist of a survey on your use of the website as well as a recording of the time you used it, including your voice and your screen.

6) Foaphttps

Those who like to take photos as a hobby and have a collection of old images can get a good extra income with Foap. It is a platform and app that allows you to sell your photos and videos and is widely used even by very large companies.

With each image sold, you can get around 5 dollars, a very acceptable value considering how much the dollar is currently worth. Start using and selling your photos through this link.

7) FundsForWriters

For writers and copywriters who know English and want to earn extra money, FundsForWriters is a very good option. It is a site with several tips for more novice writers who are always looking to buy new content and freelance articles.

You can, if your text is approved, receive $ 50 for just 550 to 650 words.

Of bonuses we will tell you one more source of income

8) CreativeLive

CreativeLive is an online creative community for entrepreneurs and creative professionals. It offers more than 1,500 curated classes, taught by more than 700 handpicked instructors. His classes focus on improving his creative skills and knowledge, hence his name.

If you are already an entrepreneur and have a lot of knowledge in your area you can become a CreativeLive instructor and teach other people what you know.

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Written by Buno costa