Ways to make bitcoins in automatic mode

There are basically two ways to earn bitcoins in an automated way. The first is through mining and the second is through trade robots (bots), which carry out bitcoin buying and selling operations.

First way Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction logs to Bitcoin’s public ledger, which stores past transactions. This ledger is called Blockchain because it is a chain of transaction / record blocks.

The main activities that miners must do are

Listen to transactions. First, you need to listen for transactions on the network and then validate them by checking the signatures and that the expenses have not been spent previously.

Keep the blockchain and listen for new blocks

Miners must maintain the blockchain. They start by requesting other nodes for the transaction history that has been part of the blockchain since before it entered the network. Then the miner listens for new blocks that are being broadcast on the network, validating each block transaction and checking whether the block contains valid nonces.

Assemble a new block

As soon as the miner has an updated copy of the blockchain, he also starts building his own blocks. To do this, it groups transactions it heard into a new block that extends the last block it knew about and includes valid transactions

Find a nonce that makes your block valid. This step requires most of the work, and this is where most of the difficulty for miners occurs.

Hoping for the block to be accepted

Even if the miner found a block, there is no guarantee that the block will be part of the consensus chain. There is a bit of luck at this stage. The miner must hope that other miners accept his block and start mining from it instead of another miner’s block.


If all the miners accept a block, the miner who created the new block profits. In early 2015, the reward for a block was 25 bitcoins, which was worth more than $ 6,000. Additionally, if any transaction in the block contains fees, the miner also collects


When a block is discovered, the discoverer can be rewarded with a certain number of bitcoins, a value that is an agreement by everyone on the network. In early 2015 this reward was 25 bitcoins; this figure will halve every 210,000 blocks.

Second way robot

Robots (bots) are software, which receive information from the Bitcoin market to make decisions that ultimately generate profit in other words the robot will use the money you invested to get more bitcoins by buying low and selling high.

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