Tips for Writing Cover Letter for Upwork Jobs

Look for quality and quantity, the more you write about vacancies, the better your letters will be, remember that “training makes perfect”.

When clients are analyzing job offers, they will first see your photo, your name, your job title, your hourly rate, your earnings location and one of the most important in the first two sentences of your letter and good thing that in these phrases you have a great reason for the customer to click.

Write the presentation guy as being friendly, attractive and convincing. You can give examples of jobs you have done in the past that are very similar to this new job being applied for. Another tip is to help the client with a tip or suggestion in the cover letter about the job in question.

More tips for getting the job

1) Enter the customer’s name.

Calling the customer by name gets more attention, people love to read or hear their name, you can see in Napoleon Hill’s book how to make friends and influence people.
You will likely find the customer’s name in the comments section of your profile.

2) Have a good track record

The super simple tip here is to be proactive and always do your best when you are hired. Then you will gain positive reviews that will help you a lot in this freelance life that we love.

3) Be honest

If you are new to the platform, be honest and say that you are new and don’t make up lies by saying you have 8 years of experience.
When you are 100% honest, the client can hire you because they like your honesty and want to help you start your journey as a freelance.
Remember to ask questions about the job so that the customer will see that you have read the description.

4) Show your skills and what you will deliver

Important and show your skills and convince the client with the cover letter showing them how you are able to complete the job as seamlessly as possible through your skills. Tell the customer what you can do for him and what you are going to deliver to him.
Don’t write skills that have nothing to do with the job that make you seem out of focus.

5) Create your own letter

It seems a little obvious, however, many freelancers make mistakes in it, clients hate ready-made and copied letters. The tip here, simple and effective, be short and show by the letter that you have read the description and know how to help the customer.

The letter must be short enough to be read quickly and large enough to explain and eliminate all objections from the client.

Also try not to use the word me and mine too much, use different words and try as much as possible not to repeat words

Remember that customers don’t care how many courses you’ve taken or where you graduated, what they really want, and to know what they’ve gained in return if they hire you.

Avoid typing errors always check your letter.

If you still have doubts, contact us we will be happy to help you.

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Written by Buno costa