Biography of the CEO of multi billionaire Twitter Jack Dorsey a great Bitcoin fan

Jack Dorsey was born on November 19, 1976 in San Luis, Missouri with a net worth of 13 billion USD according to forbes in 2021.

Jack Dorsey founded Twitter in 2006, as a teenager, Dosey was already showing talent and an abititude for success when he created a taxi dispatch software that was soon adopted by many taxi companies.

He attended New York University before moving to San Francisco in 1999, where he created a company that used the internet to handle messenger and emergency delivery, as well as taxis. In 2000 he was already thinking about using textp and instant messaging based on the principles of software.

Six years later Dorsey called Williams and Stone with an idea of ​​him; together, they developed a prototype that would become Twitter. Dorsey was CEO until October 2008, when he became chairman.

2009 Dorsey was confusing and became CEO of Square, a company responsible for all credit and debit card payment processing at Starbucks. In October 2015, he again became CEO of Twitter, while remaining also CEO of Square.

Jack Dorsey is a big bitcoin fan that you can already see only by his twitter profile that has a hashtag written “#bitcoin”. The great billionaire Jack believes that bitcoin will become the only currency.

He already partners with Jay-z in a $ 23 million bitcoin development fund In his company Square, he invested $ 50 million in bitcoins shortly afterwards invested another $ 170 million.

Dorsey is very interested in blockchain technology, he even auctioned his first tweet which is the first twitter tweet as an NFT for almost $ 3 million.

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