Tips for selling art on the internet

To be successful in the world of the arts, it is not enough to be just a good artist, you also have to be a good salesman.

Remember in the beginning everything is more difficult.

Tip before leaving your job make contacts and specialization courses that helped you to sell.

1) Define your goals before you start

If you are an artist, are you working on your art full time? Or is it still a hobby? How do you intend to balance these two demands?
Do you want to sell only your art or do you also want to sell the art of other artists you admire?
Have you decided if you are going to sell only original art or are you also going to work with reproductions?

2) Way to sell art online

If you are going to sell your art using other sites, we recommend that you do a search to compare which are the best papra for you.

On the other hand, if you want to open a store, search the platforms and choose to meet your needs more.

Remember to make your store perfect so that it is as intuitive as possible for your customer.

3) Good photography and discretion

Remember to take the best possible pictures of your art pictures to advertise on the internet. A photograph of extreme quality can sell your painting alone

Let’s not forget the sales text that your painting needs to have. After all, you need to convince and show your client that he is making a great investment by buying your art.

It is worth remembering that its description is good to have a lot of keywords that your customers are looking for, but include it naturally without leaving the text too big and meaningless. Your text should be as small and as objective as you can, killing all the objections that the customer may have.

Remember to include the characteristics of your product such as dimensions, weight, material, delivery and other details so that customers can better view your product. Be sure to check your product descriptions regularly to make sure they are correct and up to date.

4) Limited editions and continuous editions

Any artist knows that putting his art on a T-shirt, mug or cell phone case implies a great popularization of that work. However, some galleries like Spoke have opted for a limited edition model when reproducing the works of their artists.

“We work hard to find special arts and projects – and special things deserve special treatment. As much as the profits are higher with continuous editions, the limited editions help to increase the value of the pieces and works”.

5) Vary price

Let’s jump to an example that is better to explain

Think that a possible buyer enters your store but he does not have much money and is not so excited to spend a lot of money, on the other hand you have some low priced gear that he may be interested in and buy, after some time that same buyer you can go back to your store and buy the most expensive ones.

Not to mention that this buyer of cheap art can make free advertising for your store talking about it to your friends and family, who knows, maybe even take a picture of the painting and post it on some social networks marking your store.

6) Be different

If you make the same description and take the same pictures of art boards to sell on the internet it will be very difficult for you to stand out and be able to sell your art in large quantities the big secret and to reinvent yourself by taking pictures and creating descriptions that make your art is visited in different ways that will make the possible customer buy.

Another tip is to send your art with the most care and attention possible, be the best friend of your client and he will recommend and buy from you always.

7) Advertise your art

It is good to note that if you want quick results, it is always good to think about advertising your works of art.

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