Ways to engage the customer

With the advancement of the internet, more and more companies are investing a lot of money in digital marketing and influencers looking to communicate more and more with their audience.
This involves a lot of operating costs, such as hosting, website maintenance and everything.

Being able to attract a quality audience to the corporate page is one of the great difficulties encountered by the entities. Succeeding in this can help boost sales of your business, especially in medium and small businesses. That is why you should always seek to conquer and interact with your customers more and more so that sales occur extremely easily.

1) Have a blog linked to your website

One of the most effective ways to attract internet users, and later consumers, is to offer quality content. Therefore, write articles related to your field of activity that can help those interested. For example: if you have a decorating company, why not write articles on architecture tips? This is an excellent way to engage interested Internet users on your company’s website.
More and more you give tips and show your customer that you care about him, more and more he will love your company and recommend it everywhere possible.

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2) Keep your website up to date

If your company’s website is out of date, it is very likely that it will repel Internet users instead of attracting them. Keep basic information about your company up to date, such as contacts, products and services offered, web programming languages ​​and company logo, as well as blog articles.
Seek to see the websites of major competitors and analyze what they have changed.

3) Name other customers

Feedback from other customers can be your miracle pill.
With feedbacks from your customers your products and services can sell themselves.

Show internet users that your company has several satisfied customers. Tell them real and successful stories of people who have used your products and services. This helps to form the opinion of consumers in relation to your venture.
Always try to encourage your customer to leave feedback whether he is good or bad, preferably one that tells a story of how your service or product has changed his life.

Let your customers express themselves Many companies forget to create a space for their customers to share their experiences with the products and services offered. This is a weapon with great power to stimulate new consumers.

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4) Speak in the language of your target audience

This tip is very important if you have decided to embed a blog on your company’s website. As an entrepreneur, you must know the target audience of your business. With that in mind, it is necessary to adapt articles and visual images to your consumers. For example, a sports department store should use different language than a children’s store. So, think about the way your website is presenting itself to your customer.

A tip and you befriend some people in your target audience and find out how they speak and what words they use.

Another tip is to put a picture of your target audience to the side and always look at them when you are working, this serves to remind you who you are selling to
For example, at BetterMe, we find Anya, a 36-year-old woman with three children who works at a Wallmart supermarket. She needs short workouts and a simple diet to keep up and work effectively.

5) Interact with your customers

Respond to all comments, including dissatisfaction, that may occasionally appear on the site. When a company has interaction with its public, confidence in its products and services increases considerably. Over time, this will certainly revert to sales. Keep in mind that you must serve your customers online with the same quality and efficiency that you would if they were personally in your corporation.

Nobody is perfect, sometimes bad comments answered in the right way are better than good comments

Example imagine that you are selling video games with 100% good reviews, and your competitor selling video games with 80% good comments but the 20% of negative comments answered perfectly in a friendly manner saying that the product was exchanged and the customer pocketed quickly.
Soon your competitor’s video game will be the most suitable for the purchase. Remember, not even God pleased everyone because your service or product will please.

Create an easy purchasing process
Internet Marketing Management Specialist Mikhriniso Nigmatullina

The biggest players in e-commerce are trying to simplify the buying process. For example, many people abandon an order due to unexpected shipping costs, wasted time creating an account, security issues and, most importantly, a complicated checkout process.

6) Give the necessary value to your website

The first impression you get

Many companies build a website and forget to make it relevant to their business, forgetting to mention the page to customers by coupons, business cards, banners, among other ways. It must be kept in mind that your company’s website can be the most comfortable and attractive way for a consumer to purchase your product or service. Think that, before engaging a customer on your website, they need to know that your company has an internet address. Otherwise, you’ll face hundreds of competitors when a user is interested in a product and searches for it on Google.

  • A tip and always be original and use good quality videos and photos.

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