Tips to sell a lot on the internet anywhere and platform.

Nowadays if you are not using the internet to sell, you are losing a lot of money.
The thousands of free sites that offer hosting so you can sell on them like amazon. Better than knowing how to buy on the internet and knowing how to sell and achieve an absurdly unbelievable ROI.

In this post we will give you tips and secrets on how to sell a lot on the internet. Seller-to-seller tips

1) Choose a platform for the store.

To many platforms you can sell your products like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart and more.
You can choose more than one but we recommend that you do not choose mutations because the work can be too big for you to manage.
Once you have chosen the platform you want to sell, register and study a little more about it. Remember studies and always good because the market is always changing

2) Choose what you want to sell.

You can sell everything on the internet from photos to cars.
We recommend that you study your target audience before choosing a product to see what their needs are and what they are seeing the most. There are several tools on the internet that you can do these target audience studies like Google Trends that is a google tool.

3) Use only good photos.

Many sellers don’t care about that, but more and more research shows that good photos help to sell a lot more.
And what I always say a picture is worth a thousand words
This is also true for videos always try to use photos and videos of extreme quality.

If you do not understand anything about Photoshop or graphic design, hire someone to do it for you and, since we are here, to take unique and incredible photos that will leave any viewer speechless.

4) Sales text (Copywrith)

If you have an essential thing to sell a lot and the sales text. In this part you can put and talk to the customer to talk about how good your product is and will change his life.
We recommend that you use triggers and storyng techniques. Selling to the customer the solution to your problem is no longer a benefit.

5) Ads

You can sell a significant amount without ads, however if you want to sell a lot you must learn to advertise. It is not at all difficult for a simple teenager to easily learn how to advertise. Find out where your audience is and advertise there.

6) Fedbacks

If you don’t have fedbacks on your products, it will be a little harder to sell. One tip is that you always motivate customers to leave Fedbacks.
Fedbacks are super important, they can sell their product on their own.
Would you buy a product without Fedbacks?

In the world of the Internet there are many risks and you must be wary of everything, including customers. But customers can also be suspicious of you. So, from time to time, upload a photo of you working, showing your product or trying it out, not just a selfie because it has nothing to do with the store

7) Generate free content for your customers

By giving free content to your customers without expecting anything in return, you generate a trigger of reciprocity where the customer will prefer to buy from you that help you than from a complete stranger.

8) Choose a niche (Optional)

Choose a good niche. How to do this? This is a difficult question. But the best option would be to choose a product in which you are personally interested, in which you know one hundred percent. If you use and are well versed in cosmetic products, do so, do not sell appliances. You can also bet on the geographical location of your online business – if you live near a forest, river, lake – sell products for hunting and fishing.

9) Think as the customer thinks

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Visit other sites with the same business as yours. Analyze them – what you like, what you can do better on your site, what details your competitors lost and what you forgot. Discover the prices and quality of products, according to which you build your pricing policy. Knowing as much about your competitors as possible will help you make your online business as attractive as possible to potential customers.

11) Be your client’s best friend

Quality customer service. Make them feel at ease and at ease on your site. You must do everything to make the customer happy. The service must be top notch. It doesn’t matter if he bought you the cheapest, or the most expensive one – with high quality service, they will both want to resort to buy your product or resort to your service, and more than once. Any market researcher will say that good customer service is the best marketing.

It’s important to know that 55% of buyers recommend businesses to their friends and relatives for exceptional service,

12) Be famous

Make yourself known across the vast expanses of the Internet. The promotion of websites for your online business is very important to attract a large number of customers and partners. You must register your site with all available search engines – Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Mail.

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