Tips for studying listening to music

Well, we’ve covered several technical and scientific issues on the subject so far. From now on, we would like to give you some more objective tips for studying while listening to music.

Avoid sung songs

Undoubtedly, this should be the main tip of this article. Since we tend to want to sing when we hear a song sung, especially a familiar one.

Furthermore, it takes our mind a while to return to the levels of fitness. Therefore, let us try to avoid as sung songs.


Who doesn’t like listening to the music at a very high volume and not thinking about anything else?

Yes, but when it comes to studying listening to music, the advice is moderation. A good tip is to look for a volume that almost cancels out the ambient sound, that is, nothing that stands out too much in your mental field.


Certainly, something that can contribute to the loss of concentration is to be listening to a song and, suddenly, enter an advertisement. That way, if possible, look for ways to study listening to music without which it can be interrupted by advertising.

Recommended music types

Is there a type of music that is, in fact, more suitable for all types of study? Again, the answer is no. However, there are songs that, in general, help in the process of memorization and learning, such as, for example, classical music.

Since this musical genre is pointed out by several researches as the most favorable to the study.

In addition, it is worth mentioning as songs with children of nature and for meditation as options that count on many enthusiasts when studying.

Classical songs are not all the same

To speak of classical music is to speak of something that covers, at least, more than a thousand years of history, since this genre accompanies the development of society from ancient times to the present.

So, of course, there are many differences between classical music. Even among the songs of the same composer, there is a discrepancy, since these songs, as of today, were composed for different purposes.

Just to exemplify, let us listen to Bach’s “Tocata e Fuga em Ré Menor”, ​​one of the classics of one of the greatest composers in history.

First of all, we noticed that the music takes us on a journey of strong emotions and, even, of a certain tension. Abstracting a bit, we can really feel like we’re on the run. Thus, we must ask ourselves if this song is the best choice for someone who seeks to sit and concentrate on his studies.

The rhythm and beauty of the music leads the listener to slow down the body and mind, thus favoring the concentration process.

In short, a good tip is to study listening to quiet music, that is, with a slow or moderate rhythm.

Finally, it is worth noting that, in the music streaming applications or on Youtube itself, there are playlists of classic songs focused on a concentration.

Understand what works for you

As good as it is a script that someone gives you, as many people as you help, it may be that something works for the majority and does not work for you.

The use of music is beneficial for many people, although there are people who are unable to produce listening to music. So try it out! Find out what works best for you.

Regarding the interaction between brain activity and music, several studies indicate that music can help with memorization, concentration and stress reduction. Thus, music can be a great ally for the student.

However, music requires certain cautions when it comes to being used as a performance enhancer in studies. More specifically, it indicates the choice of tranquil instrumental music that pleases students and does not have a fast pace.

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