What is Napoleon Hill’s R2A2 formula

According to Napoleon, the formula will tell not only what to do, but how to do it to achieve goals. You must be prepared to accept and apply the information. It is based on two principles:

1) Principles, techniques and methods of Recognizing, Relating, Assimilating and Applying what you see, hear, read and experience that can help you achieve your goals. R2 stands for Recognize and Relate and A2 stands for Assimilate and Apply.

2) Direct your thoughts, control your emotions and enact your destiny, motivating yourself according to your will to achieve worthwhile goals.

To achieve success, it is essential to apply the knowledge acquired (Apply).

What happens in practice is that people in general are hungry for information and principles that lead to success. Many people even look for information, but when faced with difficulties when putting it into practice, they end up giving up or changing their focus.

What you see most in any industry are people trying to find a recipe ready for success. It does not exist yet and will not be manufactured anytime soon, as the market is increasingly competitive and difficult. Every lasting success is the result of competent and hard work. I do not believe in any other way, although there are people who think differently and even believe the saying: Whoever works hard does not have time to earn money.

Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), a very successful steel industrialist, was the one who inspired Napoleon Hill to organize a philosophy of success and make it available to anyone looking for an opportunity. He had no formal education, as he started to work hard at the age of 13 as a worker, but he acquired a lot of knowledge during his life. His success, like that of other people in his condition, has always been to learn and put knowledge into practice. In addition, always do more than the obligation voluntarily.

In 2013 don’t expect better days, but make them better. Turn information into knowledge and put it into practice. Set goals and don’t change your focus when faced with difficulties. In the modern world, information is easily available everywhere, but in order to have access to it, interest and commitment to find and enjoy it is fundamental.

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