How to love your work

“Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work in your life.”

1) Change the way you work.

Sometimes, you need to use a new method or approach if you want to love your work. When work becomes routine, it becomes more difficult to force yourself to go and get busy. In these situations, it is recommended to change the approach so that the work is more varied.

Our expert confirms: If you are in doubt about what to do: stay or leave your job, I recommend trying to make positive changes to the current workflow. Think about what caused your dissatisfaction and pay more attention to those aspects. If you are not enthusiastic about work tasks, ask if you can take on a more fun project. If you don’t get along with your boss or colleagues, discuss transferring to another department or team.

2) Focus on the positive aspects of the job.

If work is not fun, it is possible that you just stick to the negative aspects. In that case, you need to understand what you like at work to focus on the positives and love your work

3) Learn to be grateful.

If thinking about work bothers you, make a list of the things you are grateful for. Gratitude will help you feel better and perceive your work in a positive light.

4) Try to see the big picture.

Sometimes work becomes a burden if the little things start to bother you more than normal. When you focus on small details, like a rude customer and job errors, it’s important to remember that none of this matters if you look at the situation more globally.

5) Improve other aspects of your life.

Sometimes it is difficult to get involved in work if your life is unbalanced. Assess other aspects that may affect your mood.
Are you having relationship problems? Financial difficulties? Depression for no apparent reason?
If you have problems, try asking a friend, relative or therapist for help.

6) Make friends with colleagues.

Good relationships with people around you during working hours can change the way you think about work. [6] You can even make friends with whom to spend your free time. Talk to different employees every day and develop good working relationships with those who work close to you.

7) Make your workplace comfortable.

It is much more pleasant to work in a comfortable environment. Decorate your desk or work area with personal items, if possible.

8) Create a daily ritual.

Expecting something pleasant on a daily basis will improve your attitude towards work. Brighten up your workday with a simple ritual

9) Have a firm intention to be happy at work

You may have no choice in the matter of work, your boss or your colleagues, but you always have a choice about your own intention. People who are happy, at work and in life, have a strong intention to be happy.

10) Observe your words and thoughts

Language not only describes the world, it also creates it. Saying things like “nobody works as a hobby”, “thank god it’s friday” and “I hate my job” has a more negative effect than you might think.

11) Remember that when you didn’t have a job, you wanted to be busy.

Remember when you were tired of doing nothing because you were unemployed. Now that you have it, enjoy it and don’t complain. Remember that physical and mental effort increases.

12) Identify and focus on the things you like.

A very powerful way to be happy is to identify all the things you like and focus on them; that is, include them in daily life. This can also exist in the workplace, including these things (and people) at work.

13) Never compare your work with that of others

If your workload is greater, don’t blame yourself, the effort is noticeable without you having to say it. Whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm for your personal growth. Learning to work with heavy loads is a great quality.

14) See the bright side of things

Happy people tend to interpret all events, especially adverse ones, in a positive way. It is far more valuable and enriching to interpret a “difficult” boss as a challenge to learn how to deal effectively with complex people than as a tyrant who is ruining the lives of employees.

15) Find value in what you do

Recognize that everyone plays an important role in your position. Find out which one is yours and be proud of what you do.

A tip Donald Trump gives in his book Think Like a Billionaire

“Always pretend you are working for yourself”

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