Cryptocurrencies that can make you rich

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum now occupies the second most profitable cryptocurrency position. In addition, there is a chain of investors who believe it will outperform Bitcoin. The difference between the two currencies is that Ethereum was designed to focus on contracts rather than the most well-known competitor’s peer to peer transactions. We also weigh in favor of this cryptocurrency, the agility and economy in commercial transactions when compared to the rival.

Cardano (ADA)

Another cryptocurrency that is being prepared, according to Cardano’s founder and CEO, Charles Hoskinson, to outperform competitors. Like Ethereum, this cryptocurrency is also being planned as a platform for contracts. In addition, Cardano has the strategy of integrating specialists from different areas in the development of its project, one of the most consolidated in the market.

The team has the mission to create a more friendly platform, with a simple interface for the usurer and at the same time increase the speed of transactions. The forecast is that Smart Contracts will be launched in the first half of 2019. Until then it is possible to buy the cryptocurrency at a very affordable price. Among the target users of the project are companies from different sectors, which can also be used in some governments, which increases the return on investment.

Stellar (XLM)

This cryptocurrency has the purpose of Stellar to make the transfer of money globally less bureaucratic. It allows people to send and receive value shipments quickly at reduced rates and through a decentralized Exchange. Another unique feature of Stellar is the transaction confirmation model, made using a Consensus Proof algorithm.

All Stellar technology and differentiated proposal resulted in an agreement with IBM, a global technology giant, with which it is developing a global platform for new opportunities in the international monetary future. How can it be more promising than this?


Yes, there is another cryptocurrency as promising as the ones already mentioned and it is Iota. Developed for a growing technology branch that is expected to continue growing exponentially. This branch, known as the “internet of things”, acts in accordance with the futuristic forecast that deals with the simultaneous connection of electronics to the internet, facilitating communication and offering control to the owner.

Today, it is possible to make automatic payments and account for cryptocurrency data through the efficient system, even more than the options offered in the market.

Considering the scenario in which it is inserted, and the projections for the internet of the future, IOTA is an exponentially growing cryptocurrency. And like Stellar, it has partnerships with universities to continue to develop.

Vechain (VEN)

Our penultimate promising cryptocurrency on the list is Vechain and is aimed at the real world of consumption. Negotiated since 2016, its growing pace has caught the attention of the market. It has as its main line: tracking products, records, shipping and information inquiries using the blockchain.

And so, it meets the pain of companies in numerous sectors that need to control the entire process of stocking and distributing their products. Determining the increasing pace of the currency. The difference here is the fact that the project already works together with various companies and from different segments in the market, ranging from drinks to automobiles, among others.

Siacoin (SC)

Storing files in clouds is a trend of technology incorporated in our society today and with the expectation of being more inherent to our customs in the future. This increases Siacoin’s growth potential. The cryptocurrency appears to innovate by offering a decentralized platform of cloud storage independent of third parties.

With Siacoin, each person can share their HD space and sell to third parties, transforming the traditional market, resulting in an interesting investment for buyers.

In short, these are the most promising cryptocurrencies with the highest profitability index for 2019

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