Ideas from the book Think Like a Billionaire by Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s book is recommended by several blogs because it is very popular and teaches many useful things for life.
The whole reading process does not leave the thought that they are trying to impose a good opinion of Trump on you, and not to teach you something


I’ve heard of someone who becomes a multimillionaire or billionaire who works 40 hours a week. See the 10 points that are the premise of the book:
Top Ten Ways to Think Like a Billionaire
Don’t take a vacation
Have a short attention span
Don’t sleep more than you need to
Don’t depend on technology
Think of yourself as a one-man army
It is often advantageous to be underestimated
Success breeds success
Friends are good, but family is better
Treat every decision like a lover
Be curious


Here are some examples of useful tips:
Learn how to spot a scam.
Tighten pennies.
Decide how much risk to take when investing.
Love your work.
Always pretend you are working for yourself.

Rules to impress people

1) Be punctual
2) Do your homework (Make plans)
3) Make a mental candy (Before you meet someone for the first time do some research on that person)
4) Remember people’s names and details about them, make use of this information in the conversation (People love to hear their own name and stories told aloud)
5) Be honest
6) Let other people talk (Any business conversation should be a dialogue)
7) Be highly derogatory to disarm people.

Everyone knows that Trump really has achieved a lot, but – at the time he started his activities, Trump was not as poor as the same Richard Branson. Trump’s father was a millionaire with direct ties to the real estate industry, thanks to which Trump had a good education, considerable experience in working with real estate and established business ties with politicians and businessmen. Very good starting capital to be considered so cool.

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