The origin of blockchain

Byzantine problem

There are two stories to discuss about the origin of the blockchain: The first is Istanbul, Turkey today. It was Byzantium, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. At that time, the Eastern Roman Empire was strong and the country was vast. national defense configuration, each army stationed. They are all distant. Generals and generals can only rely on messengers to convey important news. Therefore, in foreign operations, all generals and officers of the Byzantine army must reach consensus before they can decide whether to send troops. The existence of traitors or spies is more likely to direct the judgment of the general. As a result, the opinion of most people is often not available. In the case of known rebellion by members, how to connect distant military camps to reach consensus has become the famous “Byzantine” Problem (The Byzantine Generals Problem)
The interpretation of the problem of the Byzantine generals in the online world is to allow the modeling of the intrusion system. It was later discovered that blocks and block chains can solve this problem. In 1982, American sector scientist Leslie Lamport led the military from all parts of the army to reach consensus among themselves and decide whether the troop deployment process extends to the field of information, trying to establish a fault-tolerant distributed system. , which can guarantee the normal functioning of the system even if some nodes fail, allow several nodes based on the zero trust base to reach a consensus and ensure the consistency of the transmission of information, and the Bitcoin blockchain that appeared in 2008 applied this concept.

The second is that Blockchain

Originated from Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin. Like the underlying technology of Bitcoin, it is essentially a decentralized database. It refers to the technical solution to collectively maintain a reliable database through decentralization and lack of trust. Blockchain technology is a technical solution that does not depend on third parties and their own distributed nodes to store, verify, transmit and communicate network data.
Literally translated, a blockchain is a continuous chain of blocks. It contains all the transaction records – even with tulip bulbs in the botanical garden. Unlike regular databases, you cannot change or delete these records, you can only add new ones.

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