How to mine bitcoin without spending money

Ou can mine in the cloud is a mining process in a remote data center with shared processing resources by signing a contract with a cloud mining company. This type of mining allows users to explore Bitcoins without having to manage their own physical equipment. Given that cloud mining is provided as a service, it usually incurs a certain cost, which can result in a decrease in the miner’s return. Most importantly, users in countries that are not allowed to create their own mining equipment due to high electricity bills can use cloud mining services.

The main locations for these factories to extract cryptocurrency are countries that have certain advantages in this regard:

China – cheap electricity and affordable equipment,
Iceland – the possibility of natural cooling,
Estonia – Tax incentives for these activities.


Cryptocurrency without mining goes directly to the wallet there is no need to download anything. Everything is already there all calculations have already been made by the server owner.
Cloud mining is cryptocurrency mining on the machine. The user only pays the rent for the server and receives coins. However, this is not the best cryptocurrency mining, as part of the profit goes towards paying the rent.

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Cloud mining is cryptocurrency mining on the machine. The user only pays the rent for the server and receives coins. However, this is not the best cryptocurrency mining, as part of the profit goes towards paying the rent.

Undermine or make money on the stock market which is more profitable.
As the profitability of cryptocurrency mining for ordinary users is not the highest, many consider it an alternative to earn cryptocurrencies on the stock exchange.

We’re talking about brokers like Just2Trade, where, along with shares of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Ferrari (NYSE: RACE), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and others, you can complete transactions in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple and others . The difference is that Just2Trade is a professional international broker and here you can buy real currencies and store them for free with the broker or withdraw them to your wallet.

This is the easiest way to make money with the variation of the cryptocurrency rate, because instead of expensive equipment, the money can be invested immediately in a business on the stock exchange and this does not require large amounts, the minimum amount to open an account is $ 200, and a business can be opened for less.

The benefits before buying equipment for many are obvious:

the inevitable increase in the complexity of the mining process (decrease in iron efficiency) the cost of equipment (several hundred tens of thousands of dollars) iron consumes a lot of electricity

Pros of winning in exchange:

There is also another way – just convert ordinary money into virtual money, in the hope of increasing the rate.

The strategy here is simple – why waste a lot of money and time buying, installing and maintaining equipment, if you can just buy a few virtual currencies and, after your market value grows, exchange them again for real money with a good broth.

However, fluctuations here may not always play in favor of the depositor (see fluctuations in the Litecoin rate over the past two years). Therefore, before buying currencies, it is better to study the dynamics and growth of the capitalization of the interest currency on one of the monitor sites.

Considering the above, we can conclude that trading on the stock exchange is more profitable.

And it really is. As for physical mining, here you need to look at emerging digital currencies or invest in the creation of mining “farms”, because today you cannot earn much on your own.

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