What is the Socratic method

The Socratic method is a form of argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate thinking and extract ideas.

Method of teaching knowledge through questioning
Through the Socratic method the person is not taught about something new, but helped to find that something again, it would be to reveal the existing knowledge that person already has

Through the Socratic questioning we realize that our thoughts are not facts anymore, ideas suppositions

  • Dialogue in this method is very important

Socrates in his dialogues with people he sought to remove from people a knowledge that was often ingrained within them and did not come out, so he showed people that they had the knowledge. He did this through a game of questions that would take the person to a state of ignorance and then take the true knowledge out of him.
Socrates did the exercise of going through the streets of Athena, talking to several different people, asking these questions. It was a kind of nuisance, but a healthy nuisance, a nuisance that puts thinking in motion, that makes people question, reflect. And perhaps that is the reason why Socrates was condemned for putting it on the minds of the people they should question.

Socrates in a mental hospital in England

However, this has been the case at Broadmoor Hospital in the south of England since the 1990s. Professor Glover began to discuss ethical issues with patients in an attempt to investigate a stereotype that says they are unconscious. These dialogues were the starting point for the author to write the book “Alien Landscapes” – a book that is a philosophical study of Psychology, but also a psychological study of Philosophy.

From the beginning, Dr. Glover was interested in “immersing himself” in the minds of patients with all types of mental disorders. And after that dive, he came to the conclusion that “the voices of people diagnosed with mental illness should be heard and, in fact, we should listen to them carefully”.

Professor Glover decided to ask men seemingly simple questions, such as what would they teach a child to learn to distinguish right from wrong. Many of the responses were predictably superficial. For example, one patient, CQ, reported that children should not curse. For ZC, who noted that stealing is bad, the only explanation for why it is bad was self-interest. “If you steal, you will be locked up in prison and suffer. You will lose your freedom.”

The Socratic Method is one of the many tools we use to help our students become lawyers. It is not the only teaching method we use at the University of Chicago School of Law; instead, we calibrate our teaching techniques accordingly. with our skills, the nature of the material, time constraints and other factors. But the Socratic method is an important part of the teaching of modern law. Many lawyers will never enter a court as lawyers, but will advise clients, develop strategies to challenge institutions societies such as schools or prisons, draft legislation and advise state and federal lawmakers or run businesses. critically. In fact

—Elizabeth Garrett, 1998 ”

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