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Storytelling is the ability to tell stories using an elaborate storyline, engaging narrative, and audiovisual resources. The technique, whose character is persuasive, helps to promote your business and sell your services indirectly. It can be applied in content production, sales and consulting.

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Storytelling makes it easy for us to communicate for years, and we’re sure it can do a lot for you too.

To make the concept clearer, let’s divide it into two parts, using an example: the solar system.

Let’s say we want to tell stories about the sun.

STORY: the sun itself.
TELLING: these are the ways we will talk about it. We have several versions to tell how the sun is.
Mercury, due to its proximity, would say that the sun is too hot! Hellish heat.

The Earth would call him Astro Rei. There is a greater balance because of the seasons.

Neptune, on the other hand, would complain: “the sun is very distant. It’s too cold here! ”

Did you see how we have different versions of the same story? This means that storytelling can be customized according to the audience.

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Understanding the triad that make up Storytelling
The storytelling support tripod is based on 3 elements, which must always be connected:

Narrative Techniques: in this stage, the conceptual paths that will support the content are defined;
Narrative Content: the best known and most explored part of Storytelling, is what gives technique to life;
Fluidity: for a story to be consistent, it needs to be continuous. It does not seek to be interruptive, but rather to create experiences and moments that bring its audiences together.

  • We recommend reading Storytelling with Data where you will discover the power of narrative and how to make data a central point in your story. The lessons in this illuminating text are based on theory, but accessible through several real-world examples.

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