Reasons why teenagers and children suffer depression

In our lives, some children fall into a state of continuous depression and show manifestations such as self-censorship, anxiety, depression, inattention, lack of interest and enthusiasm for life and sleep disorders.

This is what people generally call depression.

However, there are many reasons for depression in teenagers, and the reasons for depression can be divided into the following points:

1) Negative regulations and self-concepts caused by bad childhood experiences.

Many children who are depressed in their early years often do not receive the caresses and the physical and mental care they deserve, so the children have received a lot of depreciation and scolding.

Therefore, some children do not have a sense of physical and psychological security and will feel ashamed and guilty because of their disabilities and because they are not taken seriously.

Instead, it punishes itself, forming a negative notion that it is redundant.

These potentially negative ideas can lead to depression at some point.

2) Setbacks and difficulties in study and in life.

When a child encounters a problem, they will always find a way to solve it, but if the impact of some setbacks is too great, it is far beyond their capacity or the problem is too long to be solved.

Individuals will feel that they have done their best and remain powerless, and the children themselves are unable to resolve the difficulties.

At this point, it is easy to develop depression, so that you can protect yourself in a negative way and not face your own problems.

3) Social and family environment.

Parents’ depression can be transmitted to their children, forming negative signs.

Depressed parents cannot communicate well with their children and will make them depressed and unhappy;

Some parents demand very high standards from their children, do not allow them to fail and do not listen to their children’s explanations, so that the children gradually give up on communication and gradually become depressed and unhappy.

4) Physiological reasons.

Some children who suffer from depression are caused by the development of physiological changes, such as:

Adolescent girls are prone to endocrine disorders and iron deficiency anemia, which can cause depression and apathy.

5) Character weaknesses.

Some children have strong self-esteem, demand high levels of themselves and strive for perfection. Once they are injured, they cannot bear it.

As I suspected, hated others and denied myself because of a small problem, I slowly went into a state of depression.

Some children are introverted, unhappy, sentimental and love to think independently and not communicate with others. They are also prone to depression when they are negatively suggested.

Adolescent children are in their teens and their emotions are changeable. They will encounter various difficulties and setbacks that they have never encountered before in daily study and in life. If not treated properly, they are subject to depression.

This requires parents and their children to work together to adjust teenagers’ mindsets and help eliminate depression

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