7 Indispensable painting materials

Preparing the site

After measuring the location, calculating the quantity of product to be used, as well as choosing the colors, it is necessary to prepare the location to start the project.

That is, remove the furniture from the room to be painted (and if it is not possible, assemble it in the center of the place) and cover everything with a plastic lining. Keep in mind that this preparation is necessary if you don’t want to lose some of your assets.

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1) Paint roller

Indispensable tool, the paint roller can be made of two materials. So, here is “the cat’s jump” to choose correctly. You need to decide between the roll of natural or synthetic wool.

Roll of natural wool

A roll of natural wool can have different heights of wool, the hair provides greater ink retention the higher the height of the wool, that is, so while the more rustic the surface chooses a greater height of the wool, in addition to the wool being a more malleable material.

Synthetic wool roll

The synthetic wool roll, on the other hand, will always be developed to meet the demands relevant to each painting. That is, the density, width of the fibers and other assignments you check according to what you are going to paint, and so you buy the ideal, normally used in industrial paints and with solvent-based paints.

Anti-drip or anti-splash roller

This type of roller will give a fine finish to the surface. Being specially manufactured to avoid splashing and dripping, this type of tool has a greater capacity to provide a fine finish, being ideal for painting on smooth surfaces such as dentures.

2) Large brush

As with the item above, some materials for wall painting will be chosen according to your project. This is also the case with the brush.

It is made for finishing paintings on walls. You can use the ones with black bristles for details and finishing in enamels for example, the ones with gray bristles for using acrylic water-based paint. The brush with white bristles is used to apply resins or varnish.

3) Paint brush

Although we do not popularly differentiate between brush and brush, we can say that the brushes are smaller and generally round in shape and used for more detailed painting finishes.

It has a multitude of sizes and can be made of synthetic or natural bristles.

As an example, the two-inch brush with soft bristles is a key tool when it comes to finishing. This is because it prevents the cutouts from being marked, which happens when using a hard bristle brush.

4) Dilution tray

If you are using a roller for your painting project, you will need an ink tray or grid to apply the product evenly to the roller. This helps to prevent dripping on the wall and removes excess paint.SEE TRAY FOR PAINTING

5) Paint thinner

It is usually used in addition to diluting the inks as well to clean rollers, trays and brushes at the end of a project. Always choose an ink thinner specified for the style of ink you are using. If you clean your materials properly, they can be reused for the next project, which saves you some money.

6) Protective material

Tarps can be used to cover the floor and furniture in your work area. Painters also recommend cleaning cloths so that you can clean the walls before you start. They can also be used to clean up any spills or drips while painting.

7) Sandpaper

Some people ignore the preparation of the walls. However, when gathering materials for wall painting, sandpaper is necessary. It is indispensable because it serves to remove the finishes by opening pores and removing shine and creating a uniform surface for the paint to adhere.

Sand the walls with 220 or 240 (thinner) sandpaper if the surface is firm and without too much excess in the plaster or 80 or 100 (thicker) sandpaper in the parts where the surface is coarser.
We recommend sandpaper 220 for finishing.

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