See 5 different types of ink

1) Flat/Matte

Smooth inks (also called matte inks) have the least amount of gloss. They provide the greatest coverage of any other paint and require fewer layers to cover imperfections like nail holes. Although they are great for coverage, they are the least durable paint category and will be damaged if treated with cleaning products, so they are most used in low-traffic areas, such as dining rooms and surfaces that will not be touched much, such as ceilings.

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2) Eggshell

Eggshell is a very low-gloss paint, which means it is much more tolerant of flaws and dents than high-gloss paints, which tend to highlight imperfections. Eggshell also provides a very rich and velvety color! The disadvantage of using eggshell to paint the interior of your home is that it is a little less durable, so it is not good for places with high consumption of clothes, such as an entrance, bathroom, kitchen or children’s room.

3) Satin:

Satin finishes are the most common interior paint finishes. They have a velvety shine and are easier to clean than flat paints and eggshell, which makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens, game rooms, family rooms, bathrooms and laundries. (Before using a satin paint, be aware that its shine, unfortunately, is more likely to reveal brush strokes, making touch-ups a little tricky along the line.

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4) Semi-gloss

Semi-gloss of the painting is what I use for all finishes and woodwork. The brightness differentiates it from the walls, which is important if you don’t distinguish it by the color (white walls with a white border, for example).

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5) High gloss

High gloss paints are the most brilliant paint finish in the group. They are also the most durable and washable, so they can handle daily washing. Consider this family of paints for doors, finishes and cabinets. In addition to being an internal painting, the high gloss can also be used as an external detail, in things like blinds. However, preparation work is important when using this finish – it can show many imperfections when applied incorrectly.

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