Discover the different types of paint that exist

With many varieties of paint, it is difficult to choose which is best for you. Today we will show (number) different types of paint

  1. PVA latex

It is manufactured based on water and its main indication is for internal walls, especially the ceiling and in dry areas that do not require constant maintenance. Its resin does not allow the variation of brightness, so there is only a matte finish.

Its main advantages are quick drying and a discreet smell after painting. Among the disadvantages, we highlight the low resistance to the sun and water. Cleaning should not be done by washing – just use a damp cloth.

  1. Acrylic paint

Unlike latex, it has acrylic resins. The result is a waterproof product, ideal for exterior painting and use in wet indoor areas, such as kitchens and washrooms.

Among the benefits are quick drying, water solubility and impermeability, which we have already mentioned. It can also be washed without compromising appearance or durability.

In the market, the consumer will find acrylic paints with three types of finish: matte, semi-gloss or satin. The first option is not as resistant to washing, but it is the one that least highlights the imperfections of the wall.

The other two, although guaranteeing a finer result, highlight the irregularities of the surface. Therefore, it is essential to perform an impeccable pre-finish before applying them.

  1. Synthetic enamel

Although it is also offered in a matte model, most people use the glossy and satin versions of this product. It is very suitable for materials such as iron and wood, and the application forms a kind of film on the surface.

Among its disadvantages are the higher price, the strong smell caused by the presence of solvents and the time-consuming drying. Due to the formation of the film, it is not recommended for walls. Over time, they begin to blister or peel.

The market is starting to offer some synthetic water-based enamels. With less intense odor and quick drying, they can be an excellent alternative.

  1. Oil paint

You can find it with a matte or glossy finish. Due to the oily base, this product contributes to waterproof the surface where it is applied. It is widely used in materials such as iron, wood or walls, among others.

Oil paint is durable, washable and perfectly suited to outdoor and indoor environments. These are some of its main advantages.

There are also other types of paint, such as those made with lime, magnetized ones and masses for texture. However, those mentioned above are the main ones.

5) Rubberized paint

Rubber paint is used in a variety of applications and can be applied to surfaces of wood, metal, concrete, fiberglass and plastic. Available in several colors, the rubber paint can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Latex paint is rubber-based, but is made from a polyvinyl material instead of natural rubber, according to the American Coatings Association. Most products referred to as rubber paint are also made of synthetic rubber, but, unlike latex paint, they form a thick protective layer. For example, liquid rubber produces a 20 mm thick membrane. (Some pool coverings contain natural rubber.)

Below the photo of a rubberized paint that we highly recommend

Watch this short video from The Paint People quickly showing the variety of considerations you need to make before buying paint.

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