Colors for your office

See the right colors that increase the comfort and productivity of your office.


Why choose a color for the office!

Nuclei can have a psychological effect and influence mood, such as emotions and even appetite. There is a reason that restaurants use the colors of the walls and floors that they use, and that showrooms for advertising and products use certain colors. The colors you choose for your home office can have an effect on you, positive or negative when you are working, and science revealed to be the best color for productivity and motivation.

Selecting the right colors for your home office should go beyond your personal preferences. The Piscologist Angela Wright developed the Color Affects System. Her research sheds light on the psychology of color in the workplace and, specifically, how color affects office productivity. She used as a basis the four primary colors of the palette and how they affected emotions, physical reactions and thought processes.

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Blue / Mind – Blue tones stimulate thinking and concentration and are among the best to be used in offices where repetitive work is being done and you need to stay focused on work for long periods.

Red / Body – Red tones tend to communicate urgency and alarm, so they are used in signs and advertising to get your attention and motivate you to act. Red colors can create excitement and enthusiasm and energize your work. They can be a good choice for direct sales and presentations over the phone or Zoom.

Yellow / Emotion – Yellows are one of the best color schemes for creativity, as research has shown that yellow tones can positively stimulate emotions, increasing feelings of happiness and pleasure. Yellow can be the best color for productivity for those dedicated to creative and artistic work.

Green / Balance – The shades of green tend to foster feelings of tranquility and tranquility, that everything is fine. It creates trust and authority. Those who work in the financial sector and in other occupations that involve trust and credibility can benefit from green decoration. It is also one of the colors that has shown to whet your appetite, so it is common to see the green used in restaurant decoration.

Now, attention, surprise! The gray color completely deprives motivation, makes employees passive. And beige and white make employees, and especially employees, feel sad and depressed. For male employees, far from being neutral, orange and violet also have a similar effect on them.

The combinations of these basic colors also combine the psychological effects they can produce. For example, you can add the energy of red to the productivity and concentration of blue in a purple hue. The same principles can be used in other spaces, such as the kitchen and living room. When planning your home office remodeling project, be sure to consider the benefits of color psychology in the workplace.

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This information was taken from various surveys and websites around the world.

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