Cake recipe to have a super profitable blog

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It is important for a blog to deliver its content in advance and I need to get as much content as possible as soon as possible.
The reason for this hurry is that a website that usually takes 8 months to deliver its content to many people and start receiving favorable traffic. So keep in mind that phrase “the sooner the better”

In the first 2 months it is recommended that you post more than 30 posts on your site.
And at the end of 6 months, 60 posts is a very realistic and easy goal to reach for those who really want to make it happen. Do not expect a large number of traffic during these months. I mean that you will receive very little traffic during those months, if in 6 months you got more or less 5 dollars with your site, this is great.
At the end of the year it is good that you have between 100 to 120 posts on your blog

(In short: make as many professional posts as you can, keep in mind that it takes time to get extremely profitable results but that result will arrive)

Panettone tool

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