Because old website domains are better!

Registering a new domain name is like buying a new phone number – you can get a completely new string of numbers or a number that someone else has used before you.

They cannot place much value on the age of the domain, because older sites would always have an advantage. Two equally good sites, one with an older domain, would always end up ranked the same way due to this factor.

Why buy old domains

There are two ways to obtain a domain with a history: you wait for the desired domain name to be made available or you reach an agreement with the current owner of that address. Often, a domain can be purchased with the website that is located on it.

Most of the time, old domains are purchased simply because the domain name has a simple spelling appropriate to the project that is easy for users to remember.

But that is not the only advantage of domains that have already been registered – they perform well in search engines and, according to some experts, are easier to promote.

In addition, you can simply buy an old domain and postpone it for better times and then create your own project on it or resell it to someone else.

An old domain is a good option in terms of search engine promotion.

The search results are constructed in such a way that the higher the addresses on which the sites have been operating for several years. Therefore, when you purchase a domain with a history, you already have a definite advantage.

You can achieve this even if your chosen domain includes keywords, as this will also help promote your site on search engines.

Finally, the old domain can be registered to sell it later (which is usually done with new domain names). In this case, buying a domain with a history can become a kind of investment, a contribution to profit in the future.

First, the oldest domain must have hosted a website that, well, doesn’t suck. If the old site was a drug, it probably hasn’t accumulated much or no value. Any links are probably not worth much.

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Second, the oldest domain must have expired relatively recently. The longer a domain is idle, such as a parked page or simply a 404, the less likely it is to hold any value.

The age of the domain cannot be used as a big ranking factor because it is an advantage that smaller and newer sites will not be able to overcome you can go directly to the “Google guy”, Matt Cutts. In an older video, he addresses exactly that problem. What he says is that the difference between a six-month website and a one-year website is minimal.

If a domain is one year old, but the site has only one month of content, and another site has a month and more recent content, the most recent site will rank better. Age is not enough to compensate for other factors.

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